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The Banner Competition is over, aaaand the winner is....

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The competition
Our first community competition is now over. The goal was to create an official Interstellar Marines banner, which can be used for linking to on other sites.

The entries
We have received 80 entries from 20 different community members, which is actually more than we had hoped for! And the quality is overall quite high - we had a difficult time choosing the winner, but we narrowed it down to six "finalist-banners" and ended up with...

The winner
We have decided to select two winners, because we find that these two banners complement each other quite well. We see them as the "Yin/Yang" of the banner competition - the marine vs. the shark creature.


This banner is quite clean, stylish and smooth in it's design, and delivers the message without any distractions. It also goes well on a black background, but also on white, as the banner is held in grey (except at the marines forehead) instead of all white.


This banner is not as clean and stylish as the other, but instead it speaks to our feelings. We feel that the nature of the shark creature is quite well captured and also projected through the message with the red blod-like "You Will Believe" text. The small sparkle on one of the teeth just empathises the deadlyness of this dreaded foe.

To sum it up
Congratulations to the winners - bchick222 is now upgraded to Spearhead, and Marcos_Khan_501 can upgrade one of his friends to Spearhead, as he already is a Spearhead. (A mail has been sent to both winners)

To be honest - we probably wouldn't have designed the banners either way if we were to make a banner ourselves, as we are quite bound to a certain design, but this just shows the power of having a community like you out there! You help us break our own boundaries, which is indeed a very cool thing for us!

Click here to download a .zip with the official Interstellar Marines banners.

Runner ups (in no particular order)




We have the depest respect for all of the contestants, and hope you'll all join us in the next competition!

The team at Zero Point Software


I honestly like Siepher's second one and Bearman's the best.

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Seconded, either Siepher's second one (my fav) or the one by Bearman. Bchickk222's looks OK but a bit dull :/

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IMO, the runner ups did a much better and more complex job. The winner's is a bit too simple for my liking.

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