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Better late than never, this rebuild of WoTF includes bug fixes and makes it easier to enjoy this Freelancer custom campaign.

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Better Late Than Never
You may remember being excited to play Wings of the Federation, the first ever complete custom campaign for Freelancer, back in 2010. You may also remember being frustrated at some very idiotic bugs at the start of the game. Well, no longer! Those bugs are crushed.

Wings of the Federation is back for more, and ready for you to play whether you beat it back in 2010 or are experiencing it for the very first time!


  • Fixed the crash at the start of the game that occurred if you didn't press ESC immediately after undocking from Battleship Poseidon.
  • Fixed the crash at the start of the game that occurred if you didn't immediately undock from Battleship Poseidon.
  • Merged the original release with the mandatory patch so you don't have to worry about installing the mod, then installing the patch. The mandatory patch fixed lots of issues including a game breaking one where the first system was a mutilated version of the New York system, and the campaign could not continue.
  • No longer requires installing the Microsoft Freelancer 1.1 patch to play!

What brought this on? Well, I had recently gotten an email from someone who was having issues getting the mod to work on their system. I realized that I needed to go back and make the mod easier to install, because there are still people who haven't played it.

Fly safe!

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