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Wings of Dawn re-released! Now 78.23% more awesome and 100% more stand alone!

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Wings of Dawn is re-released into a completely new form. The game is now a stand alone and no longer requires an installation of Freespace 2 to run. The whole game is reworked, upgraded, more awesome and will be released in episodic chunks. So be sure to check back every year or so!

Wings of Dawn

View the trailer here:

Installation instructions:
Unpack Wings of Dawn.rar
Start the launcher and point it toward Fs2_open_Wings_of_Dawn-EX7.exe
If you get an error relating to OpenAL, then run oalinst.exe
Be sure to set your desired resolution (It will throw errors at you if you try to play it in 640x480!)
Presto, enjoy the game.

Running into troubles and need help?
Head on over to the hard-light forums Here, and we'll do our best to assist.

Running linux?
Builds for your operating system are available in the above link.



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