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For those who ain't in the know, should know what kind of stuff Wild Weasel has made.

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This page contains every mod I've ever made for the Doom games, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife. I will keep it up to date with the latest things I'm working on (within reason - I'd hate to break the secrecy of certain projects that I am a part of). If you wish to use parts of any of my weapon mods in maps, please contact me (the answer will usually be yes, but you never can tell).

As of September 19th, 2006, I've re-organized all the mods by date, with the most recently released mod at the top. Work-in-progress mods are located below the main listing.

Police Brutality (Weasel Presents: Terrorists!) - ZDoom 2.6.1
Terrorists! is intended as a tribute to 1980's and 1990's action movies like Commando, Die Hard, Under Siege, Total Recall, and The Terminator. The focus here is on giving you all the tools you need to become your own Man of Action.
Updated version
VeryLatest version

WWHC: The Last Hours of Purity (Diaz Remake) - GZDoom
skulltag fix
human enemies
v3.5 beta
Diaz returns in a much better-feeling mod. Hernandez cameos.

WWHC: Doom Illustrated (Doom Illustrated remake)- GZDoom 1.0.24
Weasel's Hits Collection's first volume.

Diaz: The Last Hours of Purity - ZDoom 2.1.6/GZDoom 1.0.21
RSL's Agent Diaz patch
Special Agent Olivia Diaz is sent as a peacekeeper at the UAC. Rumor has it that the marines on assignment are starting to lose their minds - and when Hell itself decides to make an appearance, Diaz is the only one left with the skills to keep the demons at bay. Collaboration mod with Marty Kirra.

The Adventures of Mister Cola - GZDoom 1.0.10
A complete weapon mod that is intended to be simple, fast-paced action. The theme this time is super-powers - not regular old superpowers though. The kind that make your weapons more powerful just from drinking some cola. IDGames link here.

The Stranger - GZDoom 0.9.22
An anime-inspired total weapon replacement for GZDoom. Contains no dehacked, so compatibility is greater than ever. Play Strain with it! Play TNT3 with it! And be sure to read origins.txt in the archive to get the full story! IDGames link here. Only use the IDGames version if you do not have the latest version of GZDoom - the version on the Armory is more recent and includes some vital bugfixes for recent versions.

Mixed Tape #2 - GZDoom 0.9.12
Not quite as much of a mess as #1, but the file is still huge. Contains a few more extra things, like a whole new status bar and face to go with it, new weapons, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Mixed Tape #1 - GZDoom 0.9.12
A cobbled-together mess of a weapon mod, based on various elements of mods both finished and unfinished; Weasel and non-Weasel alike (sorry to Xaser for ripping that Scorcher! I mean it!) Due to its nature as a pure Decorate mod, there is no DeHackEd - meaning you can, theoretically, play levels with DEH patches like HacX without breaking anything.

Cold Hard Cash - EDGE 1.29 RC3
My last EDGE-based Magnum Opus (get it? ha ha ha). Instead of following a static path through the levels like before, picking up the weapons as the author intended, now you can change things around - you can buy whatever weapon you want, using the money stolen off dead Hellspawn. Includes such unique weapons as the Spectrum Cannon, the Shiva Pistol, and the Mjolnir Crowbar. Alternative Armory-hosted link here.

Batteries Still Not Included - ZDoom 2.0.96x Unofficial
I always loved the original Batteries Not Included - so I made a full-on sequel. Same concept - energy weapons only. But now you get weapons that pierce through the ranks, plasma mine launchers, weapons that overheat, and improved versions of a few of the older guns (like the blaster pistols and Splinter Cannon). UPDATED 7/6/06, to fix a critical error with newer versions of GZDoom.

Doom Illustrated: ZDoom Edition - ZDoom 2.0.96x Unofficial
An enhanced port of Doom Illustrated, one of my best EDGE mods, to ZDoom's Decorate weapons. Everything acts exactly as it did before (minus the SMG and Fist, because I had to use DeHackEd on them). Some new enhancements have also been added, like a real particle trail for the Stealth Rifle (though it no longer acts stealthy because I couldn't get the NO_ALERT flag to work).

Nazis! v2 (Axis & Abaddon update) - ZDoom SVN r3615 or higher
God damn Nazis!

Axis & Abaddon - ZDoom 2.0.96
World War 2-themed weapons. The name is meant to imply that the Nazis joined forces with Hell. Makes the game very difficult, so those that think that weapon mods are only for those that can't play Doom in the first place can try this one on for size.

Extreme Measures - ZDoom 2.0.63a
From what I've heard this comes close to being the ZDoom equivalent of ICD-SE, but I refuse to hear such things. Nothing can unseat ICD from its throne. Use this with 2.0.63a ONLY - newer versions have increasing compatibility issues (the assault gun having a different ammo type, the IWBG and Ice Beams becoming unselectable and extremely dangerous).

Doom Illustrated - EDGE 1.29 RC1
An EDGE mod in a comic book style. The weapons are specifically designed not to be realistic, so you'll have miniguns, fireball-launchers, shotguns that shoot bursts of flame, quadruple rocket launchers, and a really neat BFG replacement.

Batteries Not Included - EDGE 1.28
The theme behind this one is energy weapons - outside of your pistol, everything runs on batteries of some sort. Here I put seriously painstaking work (and *shudder* math) into the Helix Cannon, and what I believe may be the coolest melee weapon ever.

Operation Mjolnir - EDGE 1.28a
The "sequel"/remake of Operation Silver Hammer, this one did away with a few of the crappier things and replaced them with better things. And I added all kinds of special effects and such. I can only see one more possible remake coming out of this, and that would be in the form of a complete total conversion (which I don't particularly feel like doing).

Operation Silver Hammer - EDGE 1.28
This one was meant as a 1960's style realistic set. It works okay, but there are some bugs, balancing issues, and general lameness that I don't really like about it.

Doom: Operational Support - ZDoom 2.0.47
The "sequel" to Doom Aesthetics Mod, I set out to do right what the original did completely wrong. All new sounds, more enemy replacements, better weapons, and my awesome Dual Railguns hack-job sprite.

Doom Aesthetics Mod - ZDoom 1.23b33 or later
My first mod for ZDoom. I was just learning how to use DeHackEd and Wintex at this point, and boy does it show. The weapons are somewhat overpowered and unoriginal.

Weasel's Weapons - EDGE 1.27
My very first weapons mod. I had just started to learn how to use Wintex and DDF here, and the progression is obvious in my weapons. They range from crap (the pistol and fists) to somewhat less crappy (the minigun) to not too crappy but very glitchy (the AK-47). Good as nostalgia, but otherwise it sucks.

The Mini Mods - A series of small weapon patches for EDGE that can stack on to each other, allowing you to customize which weapons are used in the game.

#1: Terrorism - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Pistol and Chaingun with a Glock 9mm and AK-47. Contains full reloading.

#2: Shotties - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Shotgun and Super Shotgun with a tactical 12-gauge and a sawed-off. Works best when combined with #1 (above). Updated 2/9/06.

#3: Batter Up - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Fist with a Louisville Slugger. Perfect with Berserk. Updated 2/9/06.

#4: Look At You, Hacker - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Chainsaw with a newer, better Chainsaw with an alternate fire mode. A hacker of a different sort. Updated 2/9/06.

#5: Sleeper - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Invis sphere with a tranquilizer pistol, MGS3 style. Only works on weaker demons - the anesthetic contained in the knockout rounds is not strong enough to sedate larger foes.

#6: Silent Rip - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Chaingun with an MP5SD.

#7: Calm Before The Storm - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Pistol with the Beretta CX4 Storm.

#8: BAR None - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Chaingun with a Browning Automatic Rifle.

#9: The STOIC Club - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Pistol with a silenced STOIC pistol.

#10: The Shores of Shell - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the Rocket launcher with a shell cannon.

#11: Sequential Manual Gearbox - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the chaingun with an SMG.

#12: Fun With Power Tools - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Replaces the plasma gun with a souped-up nailgun.

#13: Flares Are IN, Dude! - EDGE 1.29 RC3
Adds a new Flare Pistol to start games with. Does not replace the pistol, so you're free to combine it with other pistol replacements.

Works In Progress - These aren't released yet (officially) but I'm putting them here for you to goof around with. I don't mind feedback, but I haven't touched most of these in a while.

Mister Cola 2 - GZDoom
The sequel to Mister Cola with more powerups, more caffeinated beverages, and more fun.

The Mecha Mod - GZDoom
The mecha mod returns and I haven't done anything with it in months.

The Hexen Mod - ZDoom
With three classes: Agent Zero, the Mecha, and the Mini-Mod Guy. This was mostly worked on before the custom class support was added into ZDoom.

Magnum Opus - ZDoom
I wanted this to be the biggest mod I'd ever made. I...never quite got around to making it bigger, but the weapon swapping system is totally in.

Music Is The Weapon! - ZDoom
Musical weapons.

ReDoom - ZDoom
Remakes almost all of Doom's original weapons, with new graphics...but they act just like the originals.

Ransom: The Stranger Part 2 - ZDoom 2.1.5/GZDoom 1.0.20 (Heretic)
When the stranger sought to kill Baphomet, he didn't intend on being sent to another universe entirely - the Age of Serpent Riders. With his last bits of life, Baphomet hurls our anti-hero to D'sparil's realm - where, legend has it, there lie the artifacts necessary to finally seal Baphomet for good (unbeknownst to Baphomet, of course). So, the stranger seeks these artifacts, while (naturally) slaying the hordes of D'sparil and coming to terms with his own mortal life. (NOTE: This requires Heretic!)

Unfinished Mods - Any mods that I never got around to making. These are placed here to inspire, and also for historical purposes.

Agent Zero - EDGE 1.29RC3
What was supposed to be the new revolution in weapon mods came in the form of a whole new character. Rather than just using Doomguy hands like everybody else, this mod used entirely new hands (based on the ones from HacX). I was collaborating with Chronoteeth and Marty Kirra on this one - unfortunately, it didn't quite get off the ground. The idea was reused for ww-diaz, though.

Pistol Panic - EDGE 1.29RC1
The theme behind this was actually ripped from the name of a map in Community Chest 1. The idea was that everything was a pistol-type or one-handed weapon (even your melee weapon was a pistol). My stumbling block was the super-weapon - I couldn't think of a good one. This included the first appearance of my ROTT pistol edit (now seen in Axis & Abaddon and Chronoteeth's Alpha weapons), a Gyrojet pistol (using edited graphics from HacX), a blaster (Doom 2.5's pistol), and a sawed-off (Freedoom).

Blowuppage - EDGE 1.29RC1
Focused entirely on explosive weapons. I only ever came up with the Impact Pistol (from Pistol Panic), and the rest of the weapons weren't really explosive at all (I used Nmn's Seburo MN-23 and CorruptedMarine's FAMAS F1). It got converted into the Unnamed Mecha Mod (below).

Unnamed Mecha Mod - EDGE 1.29
This one centered around the logical conclusion that Doomguy can't possibly run 40 MPH without aid of either nanoaugmentations, steroids, or a vehicle of some sort. So I put him into an assault mecha, equipped with a shield system and several high-explosive weapons (which he is immune to, because he's in the robot). Sadly, this one got far too ambitious - I came to lack all kinds of resources that I would have needed to make the effect very convincing in Doom's levels. If I bring this one back, it'll be a TC. As it stands though, the wad is in no shape to be released aside from as a resource.

Unnamed Strife Mod - ZDoom 2.0.96x
A weapon replacement for Strife that added more conventional weapons, in addition to sprite/sound replacements for the default weapons. What sucks is that I only ever made the Pistol (couldn't get my Impact Hammer working right, so I ripped it out). I posted the Pistol in my development journal. The last I heard, this mod is being resurrected by Deathsong as "Strife: Between Heaven and Earth," which is currently undergoing initial design stages from what I can tell.

Seriously! - GZDoom 0.9.10
A Serious Sam themed weapons mod, intended to replicate Sam's outlandish weapons in the game that it was inspired by. I went far enough to make about ten of the game's weapons, though they needed some touch-up work. If you want to continue this wad, let me know and I'll send you the last version I made.


Other junk I made for Doom.

Film Noir - Any port, palette hack
If palette hacks are your thing...this one turns Doom into a black and white film. I made this using Paint Shop Pro and Inkworks.

Kroz - Skin for Legacy-compatible engines
I was put up to do this after seeing a friend make a Doom WAD that replaced the enemies with ASCII characters a la Tim Sweeney's ZZT. What I did was make a neat player skin out of the player character, that ubiquitous smiley face on character #002. The name came from Scott Miller's Kroz series.

Independence Doom - Boom-compatible, novelty patch
Before there was Boomdoom (I suspect), I made this so that everything in the game blows up. Bullet puffs explode. Monsters explode. And they all leave big huge decals in the wall.

Agent Hernandez

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