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Action Rpg made for small team based adventures. Airships, floating islands, dungeons, with next-gen combat. Featuring life after max level, new skills are acquired via monsters and lore. Voxel-based islands can be tunneled & show destruction. Monsters can be cut to pieces and can destroy the environment around them. Wield powerful magic but also face hoards of monsters. The mantra is, you can cut it, burn it, break it. Team-based 4-6 people per dungeon.

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** Kickstarter Launching in the next few days.

Kickstarter: Wild Mage - Phantom Twilight

Open World Action RPG A game for those who don't have the time for traditional MMO's

Etherion is made up of thousands of islands floating above a dense Miasma.

Rising at night and is burning off during the day, the only safe areas are located at the top of the islands. The Miasma spawns terrible creatures and is a constant menace to the people of Etherion. Recently the magic keeping the islands afloat has begun to wear off.

  • 10,000 years ago a Revenant took his revenge upon the world, using himself to power a gate to deepest depths of oblivion. From the gate poured a foul mist known as Miasma, and from it came terrible creatures that devoured the land. The only hope at the time was to raise Islands into the air using magic crystals known as float-stones to escape the grasp of the all-encompassing Miasma. Dungeons laced with powerful traps were created around the crystals to protect them from the Miasma's spawn. Years passed and the people prospered above the clouds, but now the crystals are running low on power and the islands are slowly sinking back into the mist.
  • As a Wild Mage, you act as the right hand of the Tower of Heaven. Extracting adventures, Escorting Ships, Delivering goods. Reclaiming lost islands.

  • Islands are kept in the air via Float-Stones
  • Float-Stones need magic to keep working and can hold a certain amount of magic like a battery. Once the stored magic is depleted they must be re-energized.
  • If a Stone is removed, destroyed, or loses power the Island will lose altitude based on the size of the Crystal.
  • Float-Stones are usually protected by elaborate trap-filled dungeons, built to keep the monsters spawned by the Miasma from destroying the Crystals.
  • It is possible to raise and lower islands using Float-stones and keeping main cites afloat sometimes requires taking stones from other islands. If the stones are removed or depleted the island will fall to the ground below the Miasma.

  • Featuring the ability to slice.

  • Dynamically cut monsters with weapons and spells.

Dynamic Fire Propagation.

Just about everything features dynamic destruction.

  • Combat
  • Delivery
  • Escort
  • Mystery

Treasure Hunting

  • Locked in vaults, forgotten chambers or ruins. Treasure awaits those who seek it. Most of the old world was lost when the isles were flung into the heavens. Traps, lore, and puzzles guard ancient secrets buried deep in the forgotten isles of Etherion.

Harvesting | Mining

The main form of transportation on Etherion These vehicles play a vital roll in all aspects of life on the Isles.


  • Your airship stores all your raw materials. It also has rooms for crafting all your items from potions to armor, you can do it all in the comfort of your airship.


  • Sometimes your ship can't get to those hard to reach areas, best to bring a mount. Mounts have their own area on board, larger ships can hold larger amounts.

Player Housing

  • For most a Players ships doubles as their home, make changes travel with friends decorate as you see fit.


  • Airships have a variety of firepower that can be changed and upgraded as needed. Most come with a simple cannon for basic defense and utility.


  • Airships are a must in traveling through the Isles but are not the only means of transportation. All Airships can carry a set amount of people dependent on their size.

One does not gain levels, only power.

Gain new spells, abilities from:

  • Monsters | Miasma spawn wield strange powers. Take them for yourself, use them to your own ends.
  • Lore books | Secrets of old, keepers of untold power. (treasure hunting)
  • Relics | Trinkets of days past, hold the power of times forgotten.
  • GODS | Power is given to those worthy enough to wield it.


  • The denser the Miasma, the more powerful the monster it can produce.

Safe Zones

  • Miasma is fog like, it can only pass through opening and tunnels. Should these be blocked off it has no way to reach you.

Day Night Cycles

  • Miasma levels Rise at night and fall with the sun. Be wary, areas you think safe in the day may not prove so at night.

The Isles are home to a variety of races, each with their own abilities.

  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Human
  • Fairy

Though all Wild-Mages are technically Wizards they purpose their magic in a variety of ways.


  • Warrior | Battle Focused, using magic to equip powerful weapons and armor known as Re-Quiping.
  • Mage | Magic focus, absolute command over the elements themselves.
  • Cleric | Healing, Barriers and support a must have on any mission.
  • Thief | Traps, locks, puzzles, shadows. Roll Scout
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