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Hey, I'm back, with an Update regarding the Release of Brutal Doom: Kickass Edition's V4.0 "Eternal" Update.

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As you Might have guessed, This is about the Eternal Update's Release. It originally Planned to be Released on February, But due to a ton of Content being unfinished and still Pretty Janky, I pushed the Release date back a bit to Aril of 2022, However, this is where some of the Complications come in, As I had Taken A brief break from Developing due to Burnout, along with the fact that I'm working on like 7 other Projects that Haven't been Listed yet, After coming back to development, I had started reworking on the mod after letting My friend Take over partial Development, But when I had come back to developing it, A ton of Glitches and Odd design choices were very Present, so I had to basically re-do EVERYTHING pretty much, And due to the Fact that there is So much content that'll be Added into the Eternal Update, the Release Date keeps getting pushed Back and Pushed back, The Earliest I can imagine it Being Released is possibly Mid-to Late July, but I'll probably be taking a Break from modding to Spend some time With friends and family (Since My birthday is in July), I cannot Confirm when the Mod will be Finished, All I can promise is that it should be Worth the Wait...

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