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At PAX, I got asked why we're not on Steam with Minecraft, and I had to answer the question straight out for the first time. So I'll repeat what I said on here, because openess is awesome.

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At PAX, I got asked why we're not on Steam with Minecraft, and I had to answer the question straight out for the first time. So I'll repeat what I said on here, because openess is awesome.

Steam is the best digital distribution platform I've ever seen. I've spent incredible amounts of money on it, and I own a crazy amount of games on it. It runs great, offers great services like that shift+tab stuff, and it remembers my credit card details so there's no barrier for me when I want to buy a game. The only downside I can think of is that offline mode is a bit flimsy, and that the game list is sometimes full off DLC releases for stuff I don't even own, and those are some tiny complaints!


Being on Steam limits a lot of what we're allowed to do with the game, and how we're allowed to talk to our users. We (probably?) wouldn't be able to, say, sell capes or have a map market place on that works with steam customers in a way that keeps Valve happy. It would effectively split the Minecraft community into two parts, where only some of the players can access all of the weird content we want to add to the game.

We are talking to Valve about this, but I definitely understand their reasons for wanting to control their platform. There's a certain inherent incompatibility between what we want to do and what they want to do.

So there's no big argument, we just don't want to limit what we can do with Minecraft. Also, Steam is awesome. Much more awesome than certain other digital distribution platforms that we would NOT want to release Minecraft on.

(Development blog link)

TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

It would be cool if Minecraft was on Steam, more so for security reasons, I suppose. And it's true enough that Steam's offline mode is flimsy, hell I have to deal with it practically on a daily basis since I usually don't play online often and don't have a dedicated online connection.

Minecraft is fine the way it is now, imo, as far as not being on Steam. Then again, if Mojang does end up distributing Minecraft through Steam they could reach a wider audience of gamers.

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Battle8111 - - 1,002 comments


Please put minecraft on steam, it would help the community out alot and you could make and offical minecraft page for where people can still be part of the community and you can make a deal with vaule, they dont own everthing on there you know!

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LonelyKnightess - - 841 comments

They made it...

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Commander_RealWar - - 923 comments

So basically the reasons why you won't have it on Steam is the same reason why EA doesn't want their games on Steam, too?

JK (although the "reasons" sounded similar)

But I can still access steam while playing by adding it as a non-steam game. It's nice to shift+tab and talk to friends.

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CaptainLagfail - - 259 comments

The difference being Mojang genuinely feel this way and EA are just making noise to deflect attention from the fact they want a captive market for their spyware.

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Seaalisgonefromhere - - 986 comments

so... Are you saying you are going to do this? I'm confused.

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ReezeTheVampire - - 3,941 comments

Hahaha, I dont know why I like this article so much. Maybe cause it supports Valve and practically insults all others...LIKE ME!!!

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X-LAyer2 - - 232 comments

"Much more awesome than certain other digital distribution platforms that we would NOT want to release Minecraft on."

*cough, Origin, cough cough*

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TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments


Why Minecaft is not on Steam? Because Steam is an abomination to the PC platform, they take out horrible console-like prices for games!

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Flash112 - - 1,218 comments

the developers themselves decide what the price is :/ its probably that high, because steam is taking some royalty (the same as with desura)

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UKGameDev - - 388 comments

Do they? I got every GTA game ever released for £20, I got monday night combat for £2.50, assassins creed 2 for £6, CRYSIS FOR £2.50!

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romanius24 - - 287 comments


steam suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks

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RandomusIdiotus - - 957 comments

Since you happen to be an expert in this field, would you care to elaborate on how Steam is such an awful digital distribution platform, good sir?

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Blue_Dust - - 999 comments


Before i start i know you guys will karma swarm me because most of you are on steam's side (i think).Personally i think putting minecraft on steam will be Notch's biggest mistake because once it comes to steam and tons of people buy it,it'll most likely be FPS plaers rather than creative ones,that being said it will split the minecraft community into 2 sides,creative and just mindless killing players.The problem is that the FPS players are always allot more than the creative ones because of how the FPS is popular all over the world while the creative players aren't as much.They'll start spamming notch about adding guns and since he's close to his community he might give up and add guns,if guns are added minecraft will turn into a cheezy FPS,i don't want that!Guys,for the love of minecraft's beauty don't let this horrible mistake happen!

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Flash112 - - 1,218 comments

yeah, and there is a magical blocking system that prevents mindless zombie shooting FPS players to enter minecraft page and buy it...

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Blue_Dust - - 999 comments

You're being an a** right now just because i'm really worried about this,once this happends servers might completely be changed in order,PvP servers could be over 70/80 percent while the creative ones would be rare,that's kind of bad and besides,the best way to earn a good community is for them to come to you,not going with cheap ways of trying to make them come to you,that's why i ingore any offer for Sub 4 Sub or other things to cheat in Youtube to get people to sub me,if the watch my videos than fine,who cares....

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Flash112 - - 1,218 comments

Steam has more than 3 million users, and you call that "a cheap way"
Also there are quite requirements for quality to get on steam...

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SolarTerran - - 142 comments

Good point Blue Dust

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Unknown12345678900 - - 1,479 comments

I don't see why people down voted you, +1 for you!

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LeonSeie - - 139 comments

So, your saying that EVERY person on steam is a mindless FPS lover. yeah, go do some homework, Steam is not just mindless FPS games. what don't you actually look at it? There is From Dust, Tropico, Amnesia, Penumbra, Friday Night Poker, both Portals, Limbo, Terrarria, etc... DO i really need to go on? i mean, come on, its not just FPSs on Steam, nor is everyone on Steam a mindless killing machine.

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macacos2 - - 525 comments

I like how you stereotype people who play First-Person-Shooters as ignorant beings who ruin everything, and people who play Minecraft as "creative" geni.

The game is available to everyone to purchase. I don't think people who play on Steam are shut-in enough to never leave their FPS and look for things on the internet.

If this game ever gets on Steam (I don't really care), People who play First Person Shooters will keep playing first person shooters. Trust me, they won't flood your Lego-online game with weapons, they have Garry's mod for that.

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UKGameDev - - 388 comments

Maybe if Valve took it to steam, they would do a kind of TF2;esque integration with steam, like the trading and inventory viewing.

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Lopper - - 1,559 comments

IF its EVER put on steam then i would like to beable to own it on steam by just putting in my MC login cause i wouldnt pay for it again, dont take it the wrong way its just, im broke...constantly

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EagleWulf - - 197 comments

Also it would provide cool chat features that would support the clans more to expand to Minecraft = more players/costumers :D

But what the heck do I know about Steam...

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Dr.Goupyl - - 2,269 comments

One day, maybe..
i'm not gonna wait for that day to buy minecraft even if i am a really big steam player.
Already got 6 € ready on my paypal i'm near it ! :D

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jake? - - 28 comments

it's an indie.

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Yronno - - 837 comments

I love Steam, but I still don't think Minecraft should be on it. The article says it all in plain English, and I couldn't agree more.

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Jpmerida - - 203 comments

Steam..... I don't believe that a Player(Like you) didn't know Steam.

Yeah... Steam... I'm not complaining...
Eh, Steam... screw something on his back of his head(Valve Games).
Like a zombie would agree that.. (<_<')

But Btw.... Communicate(I copy paste that on google) with Chat, or even Voice Chat... Wew...

I mean GUYS! Minecraft is STILL BETA!!! C'maaaan!! What would be great if it will be FULL Version 1.0, with Hi-tech stuff, Own Engine, Has an Application(digital distribution platforms, Cpy Pste again.) or etc. (I just imagining... Don't blame my mind.)....
I knew Mojang have a Great plan, or even US!(yes, us Minecraft players) can help!

Even though I'm in Philippines, Its hard to buy games for Dollars like that.. Just wait for 3-4 years and I will have my own Credit card... I WILL BUY THIS GAME!

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ken9764 - - 484 comments

ture that

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SolarTerran - - 142 comments

Minecraft fans are mindless karmaspamming idiots.

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