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More stuff is coming STALKERs. Currently busy also with other projects so this will take time.

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Latest Changes
SLAM v4.8 :
*Texture updates (mostly optimization)
*ode.dll from Arsenal Overhaul 2.4 - Fixes various Physics problems
*S3r1ous SweetFX v8 - Balanced out the colors
*S3r1ous Shaders v9 - MSAA fix v2

S3r1ous CoP

As always you can post about any issues on this moddb page or GSC forums posts for both of these mods:

S3r1ous CoP -



A more detailled and better described list of the content for your LA-Mod would be appreciated.
Also an explanation how to install or use part of your mods for all the new stalkers and not-so-technic-savy people would be kind of useful.

All the LA-Mods so far look kind of terms of presentation and things...

But keep up the good thingy and thank you for your work!

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S3r1ous Author

Theres just 1 guy right now making these, me, so it might look unprofessional cause i don't have the same Art team backing me like Misery or other projects have

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