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we never will stop, but it looks like we have to change from engine and game.

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a few months ago we released our 4th and latest HL2 ep2 sp-mod, called Final Project Diary. Its a bit of a horror/action mod that tells in a strange way the story of a mapper who makes a mod.
when you haven't played it yet, or any of our other Hl2 sp-mods, or any of our many other sp-mods and sp-mapapcks that we made for a whole lot of other popular fpshooters, then please just check my site where you can see movies, and find all mappacks and mods and there download links.

It looks like our HL2 time has ended, we would LOVE to make one more huge mod with it, in fact we are thinking about an even more ambitious project; a large total conversion.
but the problem is that valve can't be trusted qua engine and tools. they are really awesome, but they keep updating it every now and then, what makes that modders are loaded under bugs and things that simply don't work anymore due to there updates. and valve doesn't help in any way, even when you mail them with questions they simply don't answer. in fact, they don't even warn you in front of a new update so you can prepare yourself for it.

all in all does this make that we can't start with another mod with HL2 ep2, the risk is TO big!
a real shame but it seems that valve doesn't care, and well, then we stop trying, we just move on to newer games and there engines.

please check under the Addons button or here for all our previous mappacks and mods please;


( these weeks i have more free time as normally on my hands so i am thinking of making just one small Hl2 sp-mod/TC< for that i need mainly NPC skins, or even better, compleatly custom made NPC's. Also textures is something that is very welcom. should there be someone who has this laying around due to that a mod stopped before it was finished then i really would like to get in contact with him, or should you want to do some work for this then please also contact me, SPYmaps.)

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" ...but the problem is that valve can't be trusted qua engine and tools. - they keep updating it every now and then... "

Speaking for myself, this fact alone would make me hesitant to embark on a large project involving a sizable time-table. After the last update fiasco and the resulting damage(s), I would hope against - but believe it to be true - that many others have taken up other engines as you have, for their work so as to avoid that potentially happening again. That they ignore their user community adds insult as well.

By the same token though, Source is still a fine engine and you work so well with it. I would always welcome a map or two from you. All the best in finding those assets !

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