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Almost all video games are created with a specific audience in mind, that is of course unless you are creating some kind of AAA military shooter and wish to make as many sales as possible...You know the games and developers I'm talking about. So who's Dead Point for?

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There's a few things I would like to say, but as the title suggests. this article is mostly about explaining to you who our actual audience are. Without going into great detail and without offending anybody, Dead Point is not for everybody, its really not. If you're the kind of gamer who enjoys the feeling of dread that only a specific few survival horror games can produce, then please keep reading. But, if on the other hand, you're the kind of gamer who enjoys nothing more than spooky monsters jumping right into your face, followed by harsh loud sounds...Please, don't bother yourselves with Dead Point. This game is wholeheartedly aimed at the hardcore survival horror audience. The kinds of people who enjoy writing down cryptic puzzle descriptions just in the hope of figuring them out with some good old fashioned brain power. The kinds of people who wish to walk into a room and to see only a fallen ladder next to a dead body on the floor, instead of having to witness the oversimplified version, being a man falling off of a ladder yelling "LOOK AT ME...I'M FALLING OFF A LADDER RIGHT OVER HERE!". The whole concept of modern horror games in my opinion, have as much to do with horror as Microsoft has to do with listening to their customers...If you enjoy jump-scares, if you enjoy watching Swedish guys act like drama queens on YouTube playing said 'horror' games, that's great for you and I wont ever judge you for it. But please don't judge anything I create based on those kinds of cheap horror titles.

Next we have Lets Plays. While I can do nothing to stop anybody from recording videos on Dead Point, and proceeding to upload them to YouTube, what I can say is that I do not wish nor give any permission to use Dead Point as a means of generating revenue through ads and the likes. Advertising is a good thing, but as a developer, I do not need any adverting other than what I wish to provide myself. Please, don't take that the wrong way, by all means play the demo, show your friends, shout about it from the rooftops, just don't try making money off of something you played no part in creating.

That's about it for now. Development is coming along great, I will post more info when I get around to it. :D

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