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This news article will explain all about the PLF, history of Russiastan and Takifalistan and why the uprising occuered.

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Russiastan formed in 1921 after several Pro-Communist Bolshaviks decided that they would set up there own nation three from the rest of Russia. They quickly adopted Communism and Socialism after the Soviet Union formed in Russia and joined an alliance with the Soviets in 1930.

Neighbouring Takifalistan had formed in 1884 after a civil war in southern Russia between Imperial loyalists and the Southern Russian Republic. The SRR (Southern Russian Republic) won and set up their own nation. At the start of World War 1, the Southern Russian Republic decided to join the war on the side of the Russian Empire, their old enemy, but lost at almost ever battle they faught. In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and just after the Soviet Union had formed, the Southern Russian Republic refused to become a communist nation and as a result, the people decided they would become an Islamist State instead of a Socialist Republic. So the Islamist State of Takifalistan was created.

In World War 2, soldiers from Russiastan faught alongside the Soviets but Takifalistan did not. At the end of the war, the Islamist State of Takifalistan suffered a rebellion by Pro-Socialist rebels called CAFA (Central Asian Free Army). Thus the Socialist Republic of Takifalistan was born.

Communism collapsed in Russia in 1989 and following with them, so did Russiastan. Takifalistan however decided to remain socialist. Because of this decsion, they found allies in North Korea, China and Vietnam.

In 2005, A terrorist attack happened in Russiastan's capital, Nikolovki City. CAFA admitted to carrying out the attack in which 600 people were killed at an Airport when several bombs were detonated. CAFA then began to rally the Socialist and Communist loyalists within Russiastan to rise up, and rise up they did. The People's Liberation Front or PLF was formed.

The uprising began in the south but began to cover all of Russiastan. CAFA and PLF forces moved into the second largest city, Knokabolaakov, in 2008.

Takifalistan entered the warwith all new Chinese and North Korean technology at their desposiable.



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