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We're still alive, kicking, and continuing to progress on Break Blocks.

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We're still alive, kicking, and continuing to progress on Break Blocks. As I mentioned, I've been slammed with working on Red Orchestra 2, and while it's not entirely back to "normal hours", I've been making time here and there to keep things rolling around here. In my absence, Noah has been kicking some butt and had plenty of new things for me to plug in. Our Musician, Stephen White, also took a little over a month off to work on a paid gig for another project! Congrats to him! But now we're all back together, focusing on getting the game ready to enter in the Indie Games Festival! Our first step was to implement a clearly awesome idea, which was to get rid of the unsightly and unnecessary "Color Ring" that existed solely to remind players which color corresponds to which keys. "Why not just put the arrows into the blocks?" someone asked. And BAM! here it is:

Break Blocks Arrows

Looks pretty sweet, don't it? Well, it at least makes the game a lot easier and allows players to keep up with the frantic pace that's needed to win dance battles later in the game. And since that's not the only change that we have planned to get in before the IGF build, I better get back to work. Just wanted to make sure you all knew that we're still working hard to bring you the game of your dreams ;)

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