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This incredible article will explain everything about the state of The Jonathan Parable

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So a couple of you might remember a mod by the name of “The Jonathan Parable” well that couple of you might want to know where “The Jonathan Parable” is and if it will be brought to unity and will be a mod for “The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe” well to start the mod is not here yet for a lot of reasons but the main one is that it was just too short… like there was some new choices but it didn’t feel like a good mod so I’ll explain at the start we have an office a hallway with an office and a choice… doesn’t that seem so short to you well what I did was add more rooms Now there is an office a hallway with an office another hallway with an office another hallway (maybe with an office I didn’t plan that far ahead) and a choice. Don’t you see how much longer that felt and perhaps there is a choice on the way to the choice like in the second office Jonathan’s step uncle is on the phone in that room and he… uh… gives him a trillion dollars… yes doesn’t that sound like it’s worth the delay what would The Jonathan Parable even be without Jonathan’s step uncle… but wait don’t you wonder what Jonathan’s step uncle’s name even is… well you need to play the mod to find that out. Second question is will it be brought to unity to be a mod for The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe… no it will not unless someone wants to teach me unity and help me recreate The Jonathan Parable in unity then no… unless perhaps In the future “The Jonathan Parable Ultra Deluxe” well only time will tell

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