In The Jonathan Parable you play as a man named Jonathan when you don’t play as a man named Jonathan, wait no is that it? That’s not a complete description but what even is a complete description? Can someone tell me?… please?…

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Hello hello hello, welcome to this dev update article you are currently reading, fun fact: did you know this article is personalized, so no two people will read the same dev update article, so the simple fact that your reading this right now means your special, CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR SPECIAL!!!

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Its Been a Long Time

Well it’s come to my attention that my last article came out a little under two years ago and for that I’d like to say I’m sorry, now some people my read how I start balling my eyes out and begging for forgiveness, but your personalized article came with a simple apology.

Whats Been Taking So Long

Now I’ve been very hard at work which is the reason why I haven’t talked to my loyal fans in about two years, just note it takes me four months to find the perfect carpet texture to use per room Screenshot 2023 12 28 084305 which after two rooms means it took Eight months which is the funny gag in The Stanley Parable are you laughing yet? Yes you are, it’s personalized after all, your on the floor right now, crying with laughter, you can’t breathe because of your laughter, you pass out due to lack of oxygen and fall into a coma, but the time your out of your coma, I assure you The Jonathan Parable will be out, how can I be so sure? Communion.

Actual Devs

Since the last update I’ve gotten myself a team, a huge group of people who will do everything and anything for me, they will work for me, feed me, break their spines for me I eat broken spines. Now this group has all died due to unrelated spine injuries, however I got someone else, everyone please welcome: MrBlackMesa1. Now he will help speed of game design because he has an eye for step ladders, the leading cause for bad video games, if you ever looked at a picture of his mod Aperture Escape you wouldn’t find a single stepladder, which will surely get it a 10/10 by critics world wide

(The location in this image was made by Sigemgo, so they should be creditedfor not including stepladders in the game, a stunning move on their part.)

AnyConv com Untitled258 2023122

Until next time, I’m sorry about your coma and I hope you recover, goodbye.

Where is the Jonathan parable and will it be changed into a mod for TSP: UD

Where is the Jonathan parable and will it be changed into a mod for TSP: UD


This incredible article will explain everything about the state of The Jonathan Parable

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