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A brief announcement Regarding where Kickass Edition's Future is Going...

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Now I'm fairly certain that most of You have seen some of the stuff being worked on for Kickass Edition's Next addendum Which, unfortunately, will be the Last update to the Mod.

I know this might seem a little bit sad knowing that Development is finally coming to an end, and even then, There is a chance that the Next addendum might not get finished, I would like to reassure you that Me and a small team of Some friends plan to Bring Back Kickass edition in The near future, possibly around Mid-to-late 2023, Instead of the Original BDv21, we will be Giving the mod a much needed Update, using BLOODWOOLF333's Community Expansion Fork for BD as the base this Time around, So, while Kickass Edition might be coming to an end NOW, it won't fully be gone forever, All I can really say so far is to Keep your eyes Peeled for whenever my Team can continue Our endeavours and further benefit our Community...

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Screenshot Doom 20220603 162306

Screenshot Doom 20220625 190910

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