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39 maps by Clubey, with some custom wall textures to boot. What's not to like?

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Apologies about the massive delay. New job + World Cup really took a chunk out of me. I hope I can rectify this problem when there's no massive football event taking place anymore.

When the Wolf Cries is, according to the readme, the first "complete, coherent and conclusive" scenario made by Clubey. It offers 39 (!) maps in the usual Clubey style. You know 'em: mostly tight spaces with plenty of enemies and static objects in your way. If you're a fan of his mapping, dig in. We also have a set of new wall textures here, mostly borrowed from Laz Rojas' Escape from Totenhaus, as Clubey was inspired by said mod when making When the Wolf Cries. No storyline attached, just go kill people.

Clubey. And Laz Rojas.

wolfcries 1

wolfcries 2

wolfcries 3

When the Wolf Cries

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