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After a tiresome meeting with the RCA council, Bail Organa returns to his room with a heavy heart and lots of worrying thoughts.

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4th year of the Resurgent Republic
Core Worlds/ Alderaan System/ Planet Alderaan
City of Aldera.
Inside the Aldera Royal Palace.

His Serene Highness, Prince Bail Organa, First Chairman and Viceroy of Alderaan lets out a deep sigh as he sips from a glass containing a good amount of the magnificent Alderaanian wine while sitting on one of the soft, majestic chairs in his personal bedroom. It has been four years since the Corellian treaty has been signed which led to birth of the Republic Constitutional Authority, and three years since the attack by the Consortium that devastated both the RCA and the Empire. All three sides are now prepared for prolonged conflict, waiting for the other to make the first strike.

"War" Organa though, "Despite all our advances, all our enlightenment, we still have to ultimately resolve our greatest issues with the most brutal and barbaric method ever known to all sentient races"

He feels a chill crawl down his spine as he remembers the days of the Clone War. "Battles that were raged in that war were among the most devastating and chaotic engagements ever known to the Galaxy. But even then both sides had honor, both sides had laws that were mostly obeyed. Both sides had leaders that cared. But now?"

His head lowers as it struggles to take on the weight of the depressing thoughts. "Most of the senators in the RCA council are fueled by rage and the strong desire for vengeance. The Emperor is a ruthless dictator that will destroy anything that he can't control. And Zann? " Organa briefly paused, "Now there is a mystery." He though with a mixture of bitterness and amusement. "He was supposed to be a bright Imperial officer with a questionable record. What made him turn against the Emperor, desire for power?" Organa's face darkened as he remembered the careless and utter destruction inflected by the droid armada. "Regardless of his intention, the carnage caused by the fleet shows that he cares little for the rules of the war."

Swallowing the last bit of the wine that was becoming increasingly tasteless, he stood up and headed for the balcony for some fresh air. Organa took a deep breath as he reached the balcony, taking in the fresh, clean air of Aldera. He began to look at the surroundings, looking for something that might be a good distraction. His eyes instead focus on the three war machines that were recently bought for display inside the Royal Armory. One of them functions, while the other two are mock-ups and are currently under development. All three of them use technology from various worlds, and are result of cooperation between different races.

Organa smiles as he realizes something. "Sure," He though, "The Emperor has his minions, Zann has his mindless droids, but they are never going to have something we have, unity. The Emperor maintains his Empire though fear and intimidation, Consortium is maintained through greed and machines. But the Republic, the Republic sustains itself. Everyone that joined the struggle joined willingly. Everyone is committed, willing throw away everything they have to retain their freedom, even past grudges. That is something the Empire or the Consortium can ever have. That is what will secure our victory."
Strengthening himself with the new found strength, Organa begun to hum a tune he heard long ago, in a time the galaxy was peaceful, and free.

Greetings Commanders, on behalf of the RCA R&D department we like to introduce you to three newly developed war machines that will greatly aid in you struggle to restore freedom to the galaxy.

Orray 1-Class Battle Tank
The intent of the Geonosians was to develop a tank that is simple, easy to produce but powerful enough to counter most enemy threats. They had made the tank chassis using simple constructions methods and the body was also easy to make. Geonosians knew that this time the personnel going to man these tanks were going to be human so they made the tank's interior very roomy. The tanks original main weapon was intended to be a 130mm mass driver but it was soon clear that the tank would be too small to carry the large amount of ammunition need for the gun to be effective in prolonged combat. So the Corellian Engineering Corporation made 130mm high velocity laser cannon, dubbed the RVW-14, which was adopted, while the fire control system and the ROL/V-10 grenade launcher came from Kamino. The ROL/V-10 was a burst firing weapon that fired three plasma "balls" at its target which would detonate upon impact releasing tremendous energy. It was very effective against infantry and light armor but suffered from a slow reload cycle. The Orray performed well during the early days of the war, proving itself to be a match to Imperial TX-130T and Confederacy AAT but like its counterparts, it soon began to lose its edge. Regardless, the low production cost combined with good performance kept the tank in service till the end of war.

Orray 2-Class Hover Tank
While the Orray was a good tank, it was soon began to be outmatched by bigger and more powerful armor of the Empire and CIS, so a replacement project was started. The Kaminoans took over the project from the Geonosians and designed what became known as Orray 2-Class Hover Tank. The Kaminoans replaced the track with four hover pods, replaced the old engine with a new plasma drive, lowered the overall profile and replaced the old gun with a RVW-17 130mm Plasma accelerator cannon. The gun was shorter but dealt more damage than the RVW-14. The turret was redesigned and made unmanned and the entire crew was relocated to and armored compartment inside the tank. This was essential to protect the crew from the Plasma explosion in case of an engine meltdown. The armor was reduced to save weight but two light shield generator were added to composite for that.

While the resulting tank was extremely powerful, fast and well protected, It came at a huge cost. The production cost of a single Orray 2 was equal to 3 Orray 1. The tank was never adopted for regular use but was issued to the elite of the Military. Lessons learned from the Orray 2 however was used while designing the Orray 3.

Orray 3-Class Main Battle Tank
While the Orray 2 was a very capable tank, however the complexity of the design and the huge price tag made it impossible to field it in large numbers. Seeing the result, the Geonosians once again took over the project and created what many say is "The perfect tank". The Orray 3 was basically a fusion of the Orray 1 and 2. The hull and turret of Orray 2 was merged with the suspension and engine of the Orray 1 while the shield generator and the armored compartment was removed. Thicker armor was added instead and a commander copula was installed in the enlarged turret. The tank was also up-gunned, the RVW-17 was replaced with a longer barreled RVW-20 Plasma accelerator cannon.
The combination of both designs resulted a tank that is easy to build, quick to respond and lethal on the battlefield. All planets that had passed a certain tire of militarization replaced their Orray 1 production line with Orray 3 while other planets continue to build the Orray 1.

That's it for now commanders. Will will soon give you and an update to introduce you to new space installations that are you going to use to build your war engine.

A/N: The pictures that are shown here are high poly renders and for demonstration only. In game model will likely look different.

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