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Just an outline of what I'm working on at the moment.

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While everyone (I assume) is having fun with the Alpha release, I have been working on implementing more features into my personal testing build.

Some of the stuff I have been working on includes:

-Abilities for ACE Pilots and other ships
ACE Pilots need 4 abilities with 4 levels each. Abilities are already mapped out and just need making. Some other ships need their full abilities (eg. Liberator needs marine boarding pods, Dreadnaught Flagship needs bombardment ability.)

-New grav well system
Basically, ships will be able to jump from nearly anywhere in a grav well except for a small radius around a planet. In grav wells that have no planet they can jump from anywhere (asteroid fields, storms etc.) This fits more with my vision of the mod and Freelancer Lore, as well as making battles more tactical. Ships will be able to skip right past you in 5 seconds (how long it takes to charge cruise drives) unless you disrupt their cruise engines. This follows on with the next item ->

-Implementing cruise disruptors and 'Wide-Area Cruise Disruptors'.
Wide-Area Cruise disruptors will replace Sins' phase inhibitors with the difference that they completely prevent jumping in a radius instead of slowing the charge time.
These devices will be important on your front lines to prevent ships skipping past your fleet easily.
Also the Bastion class Weapons Platform will probably receive a cruise disruptor ability to help stop enemies fleeing.

-Setting up generic Pirates as militia instead of Liberty ships
This probably wont be out for a while as it requires adding in all the generic pirate ships, but is in progress.

-adding to Liberty's lineup
Working on Rhino Combat variants, as well as some support freighters for repair and supply etc. Also working on finishing Liberty's station lineup

-Implementing Allegiance Stations
As mentioned before, Liberty and other houses wont use culture centers to spread 'culture' but will instead use them to boost the allegiance of the local planet.

There are some other things I'm working on but this is the main focus for the moment.
Hopefully I'll get another patch out soonish but I also have to spend some more time on getting the Empire faction for 7DS up to date for the impending release there.

If anyone has any suggestions, bug reports or comments feel free mention them here or setup an account on the danmangames forum


Keep up the good work!

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