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A detailed road map of what we're planning for Mini Combat.

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Mini Combat is only in Alpha and we're looking to add more features to the game as we push forward. These changes will come in periodic updates we're planning.

So what exactly do we want to add to Mini Combat?

More classes

Mini Combat, in version 0.21 features 7 standard classes and 2 zombie only classes. The standard Classes are, The Soldier, The Sniper, The Demolition Guy, The Heavy, The Trooper, The Grenadier and The Gangster. The 2 Zombie only classes are only playable in the game mode Zombies, these are The Melee Zombie and The Range Zombie.

We're hoping to add new classes weekly. These will range from Melee classes, WW2 inspired classes, classes that use flamethrowers and acid throwers, more generic machine gun and shotgun based classes, jet pack based classes and novelty classes such as a class that uses a Spud Gun.

All these classes will be free and will be bundled in the up coming updates and patches.

More maps

Mini Combat features a small number of maps, we're looking to be changing this as we push forward. We have plans to release class specific maps such as a map that is based around The Gangster. For example, a 1940s street with a mafia inspired bar and poker area.

These maps aren't class specific, they will be just designed around a certain class. Any class can play on any map under any game mode.

We are hoping to release more game mode specific maps too. These include more maps that only can be played on the game mode Zombies.

More game modes

Mini Combat features 3 game modes, Team Death Match, Death Match and Zombies. We're looking to add more as we push into beta. We have plans to release game modes such as Capture The Flag, Survival, Sandbox Mode and Mini Games.

Let's talk more about each gamemode in more detail:

Capture The Flag
In this game mode you will capture a flag from the enemy team and return it to your own base. If you return the enemy flag back to your base with your flag still there, you will win points. The team with the most points will win the match. Simple really!

In this game mode you will team up with other players to fight waves after waves of AI Zombies. If you manage to survive for the duration of the match, you will win! You will need to work together as a team as there will be massive swarms of zombies trying to hunt you down.

If you die in Survival, you will get a respawn penalty, each death will increase your respawn timer. Try not to die as much, as your team will need to depend on you!

Sandbox Mode
In this game mode you will play in an open world. You can craft, build, farm and kill other players and AI. You can turn off player vs player in the server creation options. You will be able to build bases by gathering materials such as wood, stone and metal to start construction. We aim for this to be truly sand box, giving the player absolute freedom to do whatever.

As Sandbox Mode will be a massive task, we will be focusing on this last. We want to build on the core gameplay by adding game modes such as Capture The Flag and adding more classes first. Once we get to a suitable position, we will be focusing on this game mode.

Special Abilities

We want to add in special abilities for all classes over the standard game modes. Special Abilities are abilities you can use to increase a certain stat of your character. Each kill you get on another player will fill up the Special Ability bar. When the bar is full, you can use it to gain speed, double the fire rate of any weapon, gain health, instaspawn and many others.

Each class will have its own special ability and can be customized to the players preference.

We hope this gives you a better idea what we're planning for Mini Combat. Do please remember that Mini Combat is still in very early alpha and these ideas might change later down the road.

We're always open to feedback and suggestions. If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback or anything of the sort, please don't hesitate getting in touch with us. We love to hear what you guys think!

Until the next update, see you in game!

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