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Over the last months the whole team has been having problems, just finding the time to work on the Vault. And with the departure of one member, just sent the whole project into a spiral. Until Now !!! :D

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Now that Vault 151 is in the Post-Alpha / Semi-Beta Stage, its very safe to say I'm not giving up now.
Ok over the last months the Vault151Team have had problems, with the departure of someone that was helping me (ryanjames20) a lot, making the Vault layout, cluttering and navmesh. I mean he was a very big help, but now he is gone, and I'm felt to do it all by myself.
Now thats fine, I would really prefer it that way, that way the Vault gets made the way I want it, And the way it was meant to be.... However that means it will take longer then originally thought.
Originally, by this time, We would have had the structure of the Vault Finished, all the extra cluttering and navmeshing finished, and we would have started adding the quest. None of which I have finished :S...

But Guys Please, don't worry. I am now well on track, and with my health back to 100% and my computer fresh and lively, I should have no problems finishing the structure of the Mod by Monday of Next Week. (11th October 2010) however you will have to bear with me on that one, things my come up....

Anyway guys, I am hoping to get another video, with a completely different approach to the mod, up by friday, and an update by Tomorrow (4th October 2010)

Thanks Guys for your ongoing support for our mod, and please
just give me a few more months to get the mod finished..

Cheers Guys,

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Take all the time in the world.Important is the result(10++)

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5thHorseman - - 1,380 comments

Indeed, as long as the result is fully done and well poilished, it is allways worth the wait.

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