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Update on what has been happening with Taxinaut. Changes, new features and a short video refresher showing the basic game-play.

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Taxinaut is getting to the point where it will be released into early access within the next few months. There are a lot of changes & new features:

  • Ship 2 ship weapons
  • Underground systems
  • Space stations
  • Galactic transport network via stations
  • Customs clearance and permits & traffic-control
  • Land anywhere and find & encounter things
  • Sleep at a motel to gain VUDU or take a chance and sleep rough
  • Warp by using warp-crystals
  • Planetary and space-based scanners
  • New relaxing fly-by-wire system
  • Simple pause system to access functions, info and do things like target ships, in your own time
  • Collect portraits and change your portrait to any collected portrait
  • Collect ships and change your cab to any collected ship
  • Use items on NPC while interacting with them (e.g. kill an NPC with a gun)
  • Improved simpler fare system more like normal running meter in a taxi
  • Improved passenger AI
  • Improved fare information through icons and nicer drop-off
  • Planet & star names become known by flying into/over them or by using scanners
  • Bulletin-board with informational and interactive items
  • Better topic system and ability to look back at conversations you had about a topic
  • Logged history of where you went, what you bought and who you talked to, with ability to set destination to location of any event in the log
  • Security and thugs have dialog and can be interacted with
  • Galactic day & night cycle with different mobs depending on whether it's day or night
  • Runs on Linux
  • Security reacts when you kill somebody or ignore requests to clear customs
  • Join a cab-company and get call-outs delivered via your bulletin-board

To refresh your mind a bit of what Taxinaut is about: Here's a short video of the basics: Picking up and dropping off passengers.

Technically the game is pretty complete. I'm now working on adding content and balancing the game-play. Give me a follow on Twitter if you think you might like this 'cause I can use the moral-boost.

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