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There and back again! Easter is over! School/Work is going hard! We all are having a hard time, especially when the summer is at our doorstep. Rad/Erken has recently found a bug that may delay the 3rd beta a bit, but it's not that bad.

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Muzgash, a new hero that's going to be in the next beta, he'll be used as an early game hero along with with Radbug for Mordor. The 2 will only have 2 abilities each Shank and Cowering Worm which is a stealth move like Elven Cloak.

Grishnakh will be improved and his price raised as he becomes more of a Lurtz rank hero.
Grishnakh may also get a new ability, no decisions has been made yet. There is also another hero, Radbug, but he is currently under development.

Radbug and Muzgash will be playable in the next beta.

Mordor and Harads textures has been retextured. Grimbold's skin is also being retextured.

The UI is also being tweaked as we speak.

Here is some screenshots of some of the newly textured units.

How can I help?
Play the second beta. Have fun with it :) Should you find any bugs or glitches, report it as quick as possible to the forums. (except the slection issue which is being fixed right now by Erkenbrandthecut/Radspakr), Have fun in the forums, have disussions, take part in polls. There is much to do in a forum, just don't break the rules

Calm down, here is some links Erken/Rad set up for us:

Upcoming Beta discussion- 0.3
Strategy Compendium - discuss your strats and build orders here
Bug Reports - betas 0.1 and 0.2 (The 3rd beta will have it's own bug report thread)
Lone Wolf at Moddb
Future of Lone Wolf
A topic to discuss the Strategic changes in Lone Wolf
Places of Power or Havens - you decide

Remember to visit the website (link to the website is on the mod description to the right)

/ Micom1318


Looking good. I've been meaning to give 0.2 a spin. Now that I have BfME reinstalled I think I will.

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