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We are giving a general status update on how things are currently going with development.

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Hey folks. Apologies for the silence lately! We've been looking to add some more content to the beta (without giving you guys too much to eat).

So you're probably wondering, "How's development going so far?"

There are a few things that I am personally working on right now-- such as an updated title screen and main menu. A small preview of the new title screen is right above this paragraph, actually! To replace the placeholder title screen with the promotional art, I had to think of a new screen that kept the general "feel" of Navigator, and that's how I came up with this design. It's reminiscent of the old main menu, but much more saturated, to make the game really pop out more.

The main menu has gotten a similar treatment. For the most part, nothing has really been reorganized or anything like that-- but the Video Feed area has been removed for the time being, since we can't really think of a good way to implement the system. It's not a big deal though, no huge loss.

I've also been working on quite a few other things... notably, in-game graphics as well. I've created two new animations for Nav-- an intro animation, and a "loss" animation to be used for Competitive Mode (which you can see above). I've also created some cooler-looking explosion effects for the blocks... but you'll get to see those when they're ready. ;)

Let's see... on the programming front? Well, Competitive Mode is already in the beta, so there's no need to worry about that. The attacking equation needs to be redone because it's too powerful right now, but I don't think that'll be a problem as long as we fix it before release.

Puzzle Mode is the thing being worked on right now. I have some graphics to supply to the mode but it's mostly programming from here. We're going to try to get at least one full stage of puzzles and then update the beta with all the new content (block explosions, new animations, updated graphics, etc).
Hopefully in about a week (or less) we'll be able to update the preorder beta! I'd definitely prefer to have it done before the game itself actually releases, but we'll just have to see where things go.

Thanks to everybody who's watching the project, and a special thanks to the people that have preordered so far! Remember to keep spreading the word and putting in preorders until release so we can really make this project go places! :)

P.S.: We're working on a trailer in-house as well... so stay tuned for that.

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