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Small update about the mod and what has happened in the mean time...

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Just a small update so you lot know what has been done on the mod lately, what I've been doing lately, and to get rid of that huge-ass news post at the front page =P

What has been done on the mod

Well, a lot of stuff. As you may have noticed I've been slowly working on models, updating some of them, while texturing others. One of the things I'm happy with is the new design of the resource in this mod, Litenium. Finally it no longer looks like a Tiberium ripoff, and more like something original.

I've also added several new units to both armies, to fill in gaps in their arsenal, and make each side more unique. Other units have been balanced where necessary.

Besides work on the 2 main armies, I've also done a lot of work on the... campaign only stuff. I won't spoil anything, you need to find that out in the campaigns.

The last thing I've been working on are infantry. I can say it's not my favourite work, but I finally found the way to edit the skins of them. I'm now slowly converting all the mixed vZH inf into 2 armies, with some inspiration from several sources.

I also would like to thank Gufu from PPM for assisting me with the lore of this mod. He's doing a great job, and I hope I can update some of the profiles on the forums with his work soon.

In other news

As most of you, I also had holidays. These didn't give me the amount of free time I suspected to have because of a job I had. That, and several new additions to my game collection and lack of inspiration at times have resulted in less progress then I hoped. My trip to GamesCon 2011 in Germany was epic though, and has given me some new ideas I may implement in the mod.

I hope to get some stuff done sometime soon, so stay tuned.

Dutchygamer signing out.

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