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Now that I'm back, I've been working on some new stuff, hope everyone likes it..

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So development has been slow for a while but now we are picking up the pace again. Currently I (BakonGuy, coder) am working on a new dynamic music system, which of course like anything else you can turn off in the Mod Options panel. The system will be like this, survival mode will have its own music, while modes like campaign will have a different 'speed' of music depending on the current amount of alive and attacking zombies. The player's mod options panel will have a few new options, such as to pick a genre of music, because not everybody likes the same thing. I have a musician that is helping out but if there is anybody in the community that records music as-well any contribution would be appreciated, just send me a PM.

Another thing I'm hoping people will like is the first real NEW game-mode, the game-mode is going to be a barricade type thing, were players start without weapons and they are allowed to pick up objects, they will need to block off all the zombie entrances as well as they can before they start the horde, then they will be allowed weapons (how many weapons and how much ammo hasn't been decided yet), the players will try to keep the barricade standing as long as possible and the goal is well, stay alive as long as you can. There will be a timer counting up until every player is dead, and then it will show to all the players. A reward for a certain player may become part of the game-mode but this isn't really decided yet either, if anybody has ideas just comment, I will read them all!


1st, we REALLY need a modeler; this is one thing the mod has been lacking since it's first day on ModDB. If anybody has any modeling skills, you don't even need to be the greatest at it, we NEED help.
2nd, we need musicians, to help with the different genres of horde music for the dynamic music system. The genres we need right now are, well, all of them right now, so if you make music and would like to help with a certain genre (or multiple), just PM me, BakonGuy.

Thank you all for being great with constructive criticism and the people who flamed for giving me reason to keep learning C++!


have you though of adding a perk system so as a reward for surviving a while you get a perk for next round. like increased fire power or health ect

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That would be win. Great idea.

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BakonGuy Author

Yea we are thinking of adding a small bonus for the winners, not exactly sure what yet though.

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If he is going to add a Perk System, then it might require a skill system, so that the Perk System wont be Shallow, and that requires some time to be good.

But yeah, it would be a nice feature ;)

- The-G-Man

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