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Hello everyone let me introduce you Nightvol Journey! in this Campaign, you will be able to play throught Nightvol's story which is set in 2 Episodes, who starts off as a Ninja, and later on starts growing into his Monsterself. The Dragon and Wolf clan, are against you. Serpant and Lotus are allied at the beginning, but you will find out what will happen to them very soon...

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Nightvol Journey: Episode 1 - Rise of Darkness



--> Make sure to select "Kenji's Journey".

In this Journey, Zymeth had fallen and the Lotus clan was spread apart with no Leader. Koril and Soban decided to go their own path, Issyl took his rest and was never seen again.

Nightvol disguised himself, and killed the heer of the Serpent Clan, with that he intentionally started a war between the Dragon and Serpent Clan.

While you go throught your own terror, you can recruit various heroes, who left their clans, and may find interest in your world domination.

Horde Clan uses their unique 2 Buildings "Soul Flame" and "Crypt of the Brothers" to gain Battle Gears.

You are facing 3 Clans, who try to prevent you from your world domination. these clans are The Wolf Clan, The Dragon Clan and the remains of the Serpant clan. During your act who killed the heer of Serpent, weakened the clan drastically, and more Serpent clan members have left the clan over the time.

And as already mentiond as shown in the image below, you start of disguised, no one should see who you truly are, but once you captured enough land, you won't have to fear anymore and unleash your inner monster.

Nightvol Disguised lookin at everyone.

Blue became Teal, a brand new color for the start, that color is used in some occasion such as fighting [REDACTED] or when recruting [REDACTED]. Who knows maybe theres more hidden colors, that you haven't seen yet, but so far thats all i will reveal.

Theres a few cutscenes bugs, who will just freeze in a way, for that just Skip and it will continue. Not much of Lore and or Cutscene voices or lines have been changed.

The Button "Kenji's Journey" is still the same but needs to be pressed in order to start this adventure.

And the clan itself has it's own Tree of Buildings, featuring a few new ones, such as The Soul Flame itself.

Report any bugs to me, and i will try to fix them :)

DO NOT report the Lotus Watchtower bug, because theres a simple reason for it... Lotus units do not have a climbing animation, so you would have to get lucky sometimes he goes on the tower, sometimes he just walks until end of map.

It is also known that Dragon likes to suprise you with sudden Samurias, just becareful when that happens, because as you remember when they die, they deal damage to you.

Current Clans in Campaign:

You = Horde Clan (Lotus)
Old Lotus = Dragon Clan
Old Dragon = Serpant Clan
Wolf remains normal.

---- HOW TO INSTALL? ----

Backup your current .dat file and move the modded on in your folder. Enjoy!

Hope you have fun. Because Nightvol will hunger... since he is always here...


The Story continues in Episode 2!


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