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The V0.08 update is only a few days away, and I add some pretty awesome features to the game, as well as map enhancements to The Floating Islands!

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Hey guys!

So I've been putting a lot of time into the new update. So far I have completely changed the "The Floating Islands" map to completely boost the pace of the combat, as I realized the in the previous version the islands were a little bit too spaced out. No worries though, V2 of the map hopefully makes the FPS game mode much more enjoyable for all. I have also fixed several bugs regarding the mode, as well as changed the character controller, so the movement feels more fluid.

I fixed the networking! Now you can no longer connect to players that are playing an older or newer version of the game than you. So if you have V0.07, you cannot connect to players that are playing V0.08! Thank god!

I've also been trying to increase the CCU Cap (currently 20) and I should have the problem fixed before V0.10 (hopefully). It all depends on how often I hit the cap, so how often you guys play the game!

You can expect some new game modes in the next update. Team Deathmatch, should be up and running as well as 1/2 more "surprise" modes, that I decided I would add, purely because I found something that I thought was interesting.

That's all of the news that I have right now, but expect the V0.08 Update to be out within the week! I'll be working hard on finishing up!

Thanks for reading!

Brandon Sidebottom || Frozen Vortex Games

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