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The Battle Royale gameplay with casual combat style makes your "chicken dinner" journey especially fun and thrilling!

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By: Caso (Translated by Adam)

"Mini Battlegrounds" is a pixels themed survival webgame. The game mode is similar as the recent hit game - PUBG. You will feel like penetrating a Minecraft world from PUBG. The game features include loot augments, costumes, weapons, skins, shoot opponents and so on. It¡¯s a pure PVP game. The Battle Royale gameplay with casual combat style makes your "chicken dinner" journey especially fun and thrilling! Without further ado, let's enjoy this blocky PUBG walkthrough.


Mini Battlegrounds game entry
Note: you will have to install Tencent Game Hall (ÌÚѶÓÎÏ·´óÌü) before you can enter the game.

Tencent Game Hall game entry page, pixel art themed. It started matching directly from Tencent Game Hall. The game is supporting 50 players maximum in one battle.

The start of "Mini Battlegrounds" webgame was short and sweet. No aircraft, no parachuting, I was born in a random position directly. Luckily, I had something to pick up right by the side of my birth point.

The controls of "Mini Battlegrounds¡± is pretty simple, WASD to control direction, "F" pick up/open door/get on/off vehicle, "B"/"Tab" open backpack.

Couldn¡¯t find any guns after I searched a few houses, feel a bit tense now, I¡¯d better find a Ford to drive first to calm myself down.

What an easy and speedy car. But what's wrong with the mosaic on the wheels.

I found the poison circle is getting close right after I picked up some items. There¡¯s no time to run back, I have to dump the car and escape.

Can't avoid the fate of being hit, because I don't have a gun.

Woo, I got a 2nd place even without a gun. How lucky I am!

I encountered another player on the birth point, fought one round with bare hand.

I couldn¡¯t beat him, so I ran and start searching rooms and picked up all kinds of stuffs.

Hunted by poison circle, luckily I ran fast. I¡¯d better use the med kid now.

Finally, I found weapons, auto-rifle, machete, and equipped a telescopic sight. Come on; fight me, who¡¯s the daddy now!

Stay put in the street corner; Ambushing a rookie passes by for a try.

Here comes another driver, hunting time! Explode it and taste the first blood.

In "Mini Battlegrounds", you will receive Cash after every battle. Spend Cash to purchase loot box. You will get all kind of skins, weapons, costumes.

It's the end of "Mini Battlegrounds" walkthrough. For more webgame, please stay tuned on our site.

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