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Rise Of Man, is a modification for medieval 2 total war kingdoms, it employs DAC (Divide and Conquer) as the base modification which we will use it's starting point.

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I love Tolkien, it's been a cornerstone of my childhood, both as entertainment and fairy tales to learn from, and I would like to contribute my own little grain of sand for the fandom, with my own flavor.

More specifically, a darker, grittier, version of the war of the ring, representing the lost battle it really was, the more implied, and less picturesque aspects of a war where the vast majority of humanity has sided with evil, where magic is leaving the world, and the black and white muddles unto grey.

The mod, upon completion, will begin much further in the future than DAC, and will have as it's scope the last moments of the Third Age, and the first moments of the Fourth Age.

Every model we do, will be free to use by the community, credits would be appreciated.

A note on cannon accepted:

We do not consider ANYTHING, besides Tolkien's writings as cannon, but rather as adaptations and parallel interpretations of varying quality (Don't worry, I loved the original trilogy too) from which we will burrow only when we see fit. This means that you can expect different, original visuals, alongside an atmosphere a tone or 2 on the darker side, accompanied by very familiar sights.

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