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Well, I've kinda been a modelholic...addicted to modelhol. Now, I'm gonna tell you what's coming soon!

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As I said, I've kinda been a modelholic...addicted to modelhol. But now, I'm gonna update you on what's happening, and whats gonna happen.

I've done lots of 1 hour models lately. I guess moddb gives me energy. Just don't give me cryptonite!!! MODELMAN TO THE RESCUE!!! That kinda sounds dumb XD

Anyways, I released alot of updates today, too, including the Christmas Snark!

I pushed this stuff over one day. I was improving some models and am going to make some maps. Sorry.

December 12

  • I'm gonna work on the advanced versions of the smart and strong headcrabs.
  • Gonna finish some models, including the Shocktrooper, and maybe even Voltigore (Looks like HL2 Voltigore).
  • Gonna give TheWildAlk (My partner in crimes, who agreed to join the mod. He's a talented cartoon artist and 2d animator, and is a great voice artist, but can't do much else :D) the script so he can start voice acting. I might help
  • Possibly work on a shock roach.


  • Possibly start mapping again
  • Might code a little for the X-Race

I'm not really a planner. I mostly just do what I feel like doing at the time. What motivates me. Hopefully, tomorrow and after, I'll stick to the schedual.


nice work dude

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KarimIO Author

Shokran! (Thank you in arabic)

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