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This article will let you know what happened during all these months to PLH and to me too.

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Hello, Greenyred Leader and Creator of PLH here, i'm here to you guys can know what happened to PLH during all these months...

1- First of all, school has restarted recently, so the development of the mod will be slooowww down a bit.

2- Second of all, is recently ive got Real Life problem, so these days are a bit hard and unstable between my two parents.

3- Third of all and the last is, our team is a bit inactive like the writer didnt gave me a new since a time so idk how the story is going...But, however ive found a texturer, so the side for textures and else is forwarding. Maps too are going fine, i drew a lot of layout on papers of some bts area and chambers so new maps are planned to be in PLH. Models are good for now nothing much about that.

---Extra Thing---

As i said in the Last Point our team is a bit inactive, so thats why we do accept anybody that experienced in --> Mapping - Texturing - Modeling - and maybe Scripter <--. That what i need to for now...

Thx for the time youve took for reading this and yea that pretty all what ive needed to say WHY these days PLH was unactive that much. Have a nice day !


I can help with Mapping or Scripting.

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Greenyred Author

That would be great! Thanks! Contact me as soon as you want ;)

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