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What game should I make next? Or should I keep with SlippyWar?

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IndieDB, long time no see. You probably noticed I haven't been working on SlippyWar lately and I'm sorry for that but I can't decide if I should continue on it or go work on one of these other games. So it's voting time! Post the number of the game you want to see me make in the comments!

1. SlippyWar - Vote for this if you want to see me continue SlippyWar.

2. Stareod - A space exploration mmorpg where you play as one of 5 factions stationed on one of 5 asteroids surrounding a massive gas giant (planet). You level up by fighting, maintaining bases, delivering cargo and much more. Prototype is almost finished so I could post that if you vote for this.

3. Well You're Dead - You play as a small blue thing being chased by a small red thing. The game is a platformer but the twist is even though you are only in 2 dimensions the red thing is in 3 meaning he can go in directions you can. Survive as long as you can in one of 4 levels and get power ups and new enemies to master. Prototype is pretty much done for this so if this gets voted it would be up fairly soon.

4. Min0 - Min0 is a strange little idea I had. It's a text based game where your plane crashes onto an island and you have to survive. There is a clan on the island called Min0 that are out to kill you (I don't know why yet) and you have to gather resources either fight them alone or with friends in a multiplayer mode that makes sense in my head but I can't really explain it.

So good luck voting!
(If you have a better idea for a game or are you are good at pixel art send me a message some where. I'm always looking for help.)


1. SlippyWar
Simple controls, fun game types, lot's of local players. Bring out the popcorn, gamepads and big screen and invite friends over! :o)

That's my vote... but I think you should be working on the project that inspires you the most.

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