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What even we need to do here and why we are here? I'm gonna try to explain all these questions in this article.

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He welcomes you to this article!

So we got a page on IndieDB, what's next? We're gonna develop this game and share any progress we got today or tomorrow! But first, what's the features of this game? Play through several puzzles and as reward get a door to the next level! You're the lab rat, so it's obvious. Until you realize something... but it's a secret till some time.

And another thing, why we are here? Military stuck with a danger of aliens preparing they're attack, so humankind need to hide under the ground. But they do it very... uncommonly...

And so, that's it for today! Only thing is left for you is to wait till another news in our discord (it's in bio in Aluminio developer page) or here!

Goodbye, and have a great day!

And, sorry, i almost forgot, you can support us here on Donation Alerts!

Yes, from now on, every news gonna be with link to a donation website, where you can support us. We're really need some money now.

And it's now really the end of today's news, i hope you're having a great day watching those images!

Is John fell into the void?

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