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I'll talk with you about my next steps...You can find all the informations in this news [...]

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Hellow awesome People,

I'm still here and I hope you are there also ... Unfortunately I could not post so much in the last few days as I would have liked but I want now provide you with an update. As always, I apologize for my weird English ... I hope you can bite yourself through this news. ^^"

I'm nearly done with the second area, the little town near the military base so what comes next? In the next few day's I'll start to increase the map size a bit and prepare the next area/place to explore. We had some nice discussions on IndieDB with cool ideas from the community there which initially are now on my list. Depending on how to use the proposals, they will be added or not.I'm also done with the day/night cycle which tooks me some time to script. I had a problem that the night was not dark enough and unfortunately the error was not found immediately but that's done now! :P

My next steps looks like this:

  • Adding more Cars (not much done yet... *uff*)
  • Increase the map size a lot
  • Adding more places...(nothing rly new, huh?! ;D)
  • Adding secret places...(sounds interesting? screenshots will be added!)
  • Talking about weather ideas (with you)
  • Thinking about cookies (I love cookies <3 !)

I don't know when this all is done but ... however, I hope, as before, continue on your great support. On Steam and / or IndieDB.


PS: Some people asked for a Video...I'll think about that later when I've more to show you! :3


Nice dude

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D3thw0lf Author

Thanks dude :P


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