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i was looking at my other games... And i though that Maybe some of you guys would like Them!

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when i was looking around in my games section of indiedb... I Saw my other game called spike escape! And spike escape is a game series that has taken me a quite a while to make, and is my first ever game created... But the game i want you guys to play while you want for FNiM3 is Spike Escape 5. That's the latest spike escape game i made and is also the hardest.

If you want know how to play: Read under the download link

If you want to get a surprise and finding out what to do yourself, just download it now!

Just saying... It's recommended to have the game in a folder... Because it's gonna create a filenthat you shouldn't interact

Download here

How to play: Well first of all... There is 7 levels you need to beat to get all 3 stars of the game.
You need to avoid any kind of contact with the spikes coming towards you. The game 90% fast decision making and Being Quick.
You controller with the mouse Always!
Using a mouse is VERY recommended
All spikes infomation:
4 sided spikes: 4 spikes Can do 1 to 35 Damage depending on color. Gold does the most damage 25 to 40

8 sided spikes: 8 spikes Can do 10 to 60 damage depending on color. As before gold does the most damage from 30 to 70

16 spikes: 16 spikes is the largest spike of Them all and Can do 50 to 80 damage depending on color. Gold spikes Always damage 99 health

32 spikes: 32 spikes is side shooters that Will shoot from every side and does a maximun of 1 HP Per 0.02 seconds and Will not be destroyed on impact, while the other spikes will! These Are also very small and easy to over look because they don't look like problems. That's all you need to know!


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Great game but to hard for me

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