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so, yeah. before i type this post out, you probably know whats going down. if not, and you are in a crunch for time, its the fourth sentence that says it all.

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i wanted to make this mod, but i lacked the skill to make it. i want to thank all the supporters for supporting me on this, and all the haters for saying the truth. honestly, i just put myself up to a task i simply couldn't handle. i thought i could make it, but i couldn't. i have decided to cancel it for a few select reasons. the first is because, ive kinda moved on from brutal duke to more original projects, not being a mod or fangame of something else. i still really like duke nukem 3d, but it honestly hasn't aged too well in terms of level design. everything else about it is still kick ass, just the levels are a maze looking back on it. and the second reason (and this one is probably the biggest problem) is that ive been getting distracted too easily. it also doesn't help that moddb doesnt send notifications when someone posts a comment, or replies to a comment. anyways, i was fearful of cancelling this because of the few who would beg me to make it til the day i die, but thats something im willing to accept. plus, maybe, someone else could make a brutal duke and not make excuses for not working on it. not being a page that is mostly dead. im sorry to people who were looking forward to this. i went by the logic "if he wont make it, ill make my own" like a dumb dumb. i started this mod about a year ago, and i was honestly kind of an immature asshole. i mean, i still kind of am, but this mod was something i needed to teach me that. who knows, maybe in the future, ill bring this back and finish it. but dont get your hopes up. sorry it had to end this way.

dacato6432 - - 43 comments

please dont do this

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dacato6432 - - 43 comments

for the love of god continue the mod pls

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LocustQ - - 488 comments

Good luck with next project!

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XX1992 - - 107 comments

Aw, man. Oh well, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew; it's good to realize this. Rather than be stressed about this, maybe the next project will come along better for you.

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Paranoid_Narcoleptic - - 3 comments

Hey, I joined just to ask this, I know it may be late and kinda dumb, but do you still have the files and assets for the mod? I'd love to try and finish this as like a side project or something

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