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As the update 1.1.4K is soon to be released, we decided to post a quick changelog so that players are informed on what they can expect. CHANGELOG IS NOT FINAL UNTILL VERSION RELEASE!!!

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As the update 1.1.4K is soon to be released, we decided to post a quick changelog so that players are informed on what they can expect.



- Big rework on how the skirmish will play and progress the map (Mines will be slowly romeved from the maps, while more flags will be added which will give passive resources)


- "Trail of kings" recieved a rework to be fully playable with the new gamemode
- ToK recieved more neutral creeps
- Changed the passive healing, effect that "Flags" give. (It no longer kills our eyes, now it's a ground aura effect)
- Added "Free Lands" to the map pool (The map has been setup with the new gamemode)
- Added the new gamemode to "Cemetery of Elephants" and "Land od the Oasis"
- Added five new maps and optimized them to the new gamemode


- Fixed incorrect string of the "Yatagan" for bonus damage against medium infantry. Increased the spell crit chance of the yatagan from 10%/20%/30% -> 30%/45%/50% (Trying to make the yatagan a viable weapon)
- Changed Mongols starting bow spell chance on hit 10%/20%/30% -> 30%/45%/60% as well as the spells damage from 200% to 100% onto 3 targets
- Buffed Russian "Flail" (Increased the passive spell chance as well as decreased the price to research it in the tech tree)
- Increased the price for the Persian small bow (from 150 to 200 ore), Decreased the damage (from 10-15 to 8-13)
- Changed block chance for mongolian infantry shields:
(Tear shaped shield) Melee: 14% -> 7%, Ranged: 45% -> 40%
(Mongol Iron Shield) Melee: 24% -> 10%, Ranged: 70% -> 55%
(Bamboo Shield) Melee: 33% -> 25%, Ranged: 85% -> 80%
- Increased Damage and block chance for all russian weapons and shields (We want to keep russians as a low HP/ High DPS/ High Armor faction. So far it has a bad early game, solid mid game, and a terrible late game. With these changes we hope that the russians will be more viable)
(Russian Axe) Damage: 91-111 -> 181-201
(Clevec) Damage: 55-65 -> 75-85, Bonus Damage increased for heavies 35% -> 50%, Attack Speed: 1.3s -> 1.0s, Increased the double hit ability chance from 10%/20%/30% -> 30%/45%/60%; NOTE: The second hit of "double-hit" decreases 5% of MAX HP and removes 50% armor for 5 seconds... turns out it has quite a nice range, and 100% makes it a lil too good.
(Flail) Increased attack speed: 1.9s -> 1.0s; NOTE: This is attack speed cooldown; Fixed the "Armor Break" spell that would one-shot enemies when triggered, now it deals 10% true damage as intended
(Tear-Shaped Shield) Armor: 1 -> 3, Melee Block Chance: 16% -> 20%, Ranged: 50% -> 60%
(Round Shield) Armor: 2 -> 6 Melee: 20% -> 40%
(Big Shield) Armor: 3 -> 9, Melee: 40% -> 60%
- Added a 50% chance to stun enemeies on hit when reaching level 1/2/3 for macedonian and sparta club
- Increased damage for some persian weapons
(Flail) Increased bonus damage to light infantry: 50% -> 75%
(Battle Axe) Increased bonus damage to medium infantry: 15% -> 40%
(Glefa) Increased bonus damage to light infantry: 85% -> 100%, medium infantry: 45% -> 65%
- Changed the spell for bulgars pike (from lifesteal to weapon knock out).
Weapon Knock Out Chance: 0.001%/0.007%/0.013%


- Almost all of the units from every faction will be shifted towards a higher lvl cap (Instead of max lvl being 3 no its 6)
- Almost every single unit will have a transition from lower tier to higher on lvl up (lvl 3 psiloi to spartaid, etc)
- Added the correct unit template for miners in the golden horde factions (no more macedonian slaves)
- Increased the caravan miner speed for the romans (they had the slowest miners in the whole mod)
- Changed the 2nd crusader spell that was glitch. New spell called "Aggressive Engagement"
|Aggressive Engagement|
Increases damage and movementspeed by 10%
Increases damage received from all/any enemies by 20%
Increases attack speed by 10% NOTE: It may show as -10% on the screen but that's attack speed cooldown
Decreases block chance against melee and ranged by 20%
- Changed Russian "Armor Stealing" spell. It no longer stacks like crazy. Every 2nd hit decreases the amount of stolen armor
- Decreased the Damage received from ranged attacks while on horse back for the mongolian faction (From 50% to 30%)
- Removed "Fight Ability" from Russian Priest and Macedonian Magian, as they would be the first to dive and die (Now they stay in the background and support)
- Added horses to some of the heroes as well as increased their prices to 2000 gold
(Herman von Salsa/ Crusaders, All Mongolian Heroes, All Russian Heroes)
- Added bonus damage to all infantry type for every hero
- Max EXP for Level up has been decreased for all heroes (We plan to make heroes more useful in battles, with this change they will level up faster as it takes less EXP to hit next level. Melee: 800 -> 400, Ranged: 800 -> 300)
- Increased max EXP for Roman Signifiers from 200 -> 800 (Now signifiers can unlock all the spells via levels, as well as through the tech tree)


- Increased the price for "Hoplite Training" in the Spartan faction from 2500 gold to 3000 gold
- LVL2 Barrack researches give flags permanently to the player (Only for The Golden Horde factions: Crusaders, Russians, Mongols)
- Persian "Sharpshooting" upgrade now requires "Ritual Hall" to be researched
- Increased the price and time it takes to research the spartan longsword
(time: 50 -> 60, cost: 1500 gold -> 2200 gold)

- Bamboo Gun's attack speed nerfed (from 7s to 10s), while the stone velocity has been increased from 18 to 25


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