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I'm working with a friend on a new update so I hope u'll like it. We changed a lot.

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AWBoH PreAlpha v1.03 Update:
- Complitly changed the Level_UP coeff.
- Added r_snow 1 for a winter update (Now when u play snow falls from the sky).
- Added Critical hit chance and factor to all heroes (Some have more chance to do a critical hit, some less).
- Added r_cloth to almost all heroes (Thoes heroes who don't have cloth.decal, don't have cloth. There are only a few heroes like that though).
- Added Dual-Wielding for the first time.
- Added two new heroes
- Added a SinglePlayer map (The map is in BETA State, and might have a lot of bugs. In this map u can't make heroes, u'll just get all the heroes and defend the camp from indian army waves.)
- Added Extras into the Main Menu (Now u can use the GameEditor ;))
- Added a new spell named 'Pet Summoning' [This is a BasicSpell, which means that every hero will get it. This spell summons a little pet that can help u on your adventures. This is not like the PantherSpell. U Could say that the pets might save ur life tho. There are no limits of how many times u can summon a pet, but u can only have one at the time. When the spell is activated, It'll last untill the pet dies. The pet will die if u die (OFC).]
- Fixed CAiShapeCircle so that it fits as it should [This is basicly the green circle when u select ur unit. I made it bigger now so that it looks better.]
- Added New Unit Behaviors [With this, the units can do some cool animations, instead of just standing idle.]
- Added d_developer 1 in local.ini [With this command u have some settings that only the developer use. BTW r_multisampling 1 can make the game SO FREAKIN' HD :D. U can set everything to low and off, and if this command is 1 it still looks preety cool]
- Removed Races such as: Spartans, Persians, Macedonians, Indians, Egyptians [If u ask ur self why? it's just that I don't want to be asked about the game, only topic is the mod. Which I'm working on almost 24/7.]

- Reduced Armour to 0
- Decreased HealthRegeneration (from 0.003 to 0.001)
- Reduced Health to 200
- Decreased Walk Velocity (from 4.5 to 4.0)
- Increased Damage by 25%
- Increased Walk Velocity (from 3.0 to 3.5)
- Added Pet: Shepard the wolf
- Added Three Individual Skills
- Removed CWorksmanshipAbility
- Added Gidarnuses Helmet
- Boosted Range for his bow (0-51m)

- Reduced HP to 450
- Reduced Armour to 2
- Decreased HealthRegeneration (0.003 to 0.001)
- Increased FireShield activity_time_sec (from 15 to 25); Now FireShield last longer for 10 seconds
- Reduced FireShield damage (from 35 to 30)
- Decreased FireShield delay_damage (from 100 ms to 50 ms| from 1.0 to 0.5); With this command you can't deal damage instantly to the enemy, the damage is delayed.
- Increased FireShield recharge time (from 30 secs to 175 secs (2 mins and 15 secs))
- Added CombatBeat (Is possible to win battles that are not beatalbe)
- Changed the attack_distance and attack_velocity so that the arrowes fly even faster then before on long range
- Changed the bonus damage (Light = +65%; Medium = +55%; Heavy = +25%; Animal = +75%)
- Reduced the HP to 350
- Increased Level_UP coeff for HP, Damage
- Decreased Level_UP coeff for Armor
- Decreased the amount of exp needed to level up
- Reduced the level limit to 5
- Reduced Armor to 0
- Changed the 'VampireStrike' skill, so that the higher level you get, the more you wait. (4th lvl steals 550 HP)
- Decreased HealthRegeneration (from 0.003 to 0.001)
- Complitly Decreased the Level_UP coeff for HP, Damage and Armor
- Made the damage less stable (59-101| ~80; the swing is 21)
- Reduced the the attack range by 1 (now it 0-1m)
- Increased Panthers HP (It's 400 now)
- Increased Panthers Damage (25-29| ~27; the swing is 2)
- Increased Panthers Recharge time (from 35secs to 220secs (3 mins and 40secs))
- Decreased HealthRegeneration (from 0.003 to 0.001)
- Increased Walk Velocity (from 3.0 to 4.0)
- Increased Armor by 1
- Increased Level_UP coeff for HP, Damage and Armor
- Increased Attackspeed (from 2 to 0.8)
- Changed CombatBeat command (With this command, sometimes 'Chiliad' can win some battles that are not beatable) [We might change this if 'Chiliad' becomes too OverPowered]
[Anubis] = [Nobris]
- Increased Attackspeed (from 2 to 1.2)
- Increased Damage to 70
- Increased Level_UP coeff for HP, Damage, Armor
- Set max HP to 500 so that the values don't go to high (The HP goes crazy, and you don't want to know how crazy the HealthRegeneration speed was)
- Changed Name, Model, GUI Icons.
- Added Dual-Wielding (Nobris's Sickle)
- Added a new strategic_skill (It basicly boosts ur HP and Damage Armor.)
- Added Poison as combat_skill (There're a few glitches though)
- Added Clone as combat_skill (Clone is a custom built combat_skill by me, It clones Nobris with a lower version of him. Nobris's clone has the same amount of damage, yet he has less HP then Nobris. While this skill is activated, the enemy deals double-damage to Nobris. Nobris's Clone can't Level up.)
- Kept 'SpellScream' since it has an cast_animation, as well as a new decal
- Added Nerv Scream as tactical_skill (With this skill, Nobris can deal: double, triple, etc. -damage. It depends on the skill level.)

- Increased Nobris's Sickle Damage (84-144| ~114; the swing is 30)
- Increased Bow Damage (45-65| ~55; the swing is 10)
- Changed the attack_distance and attack_velocity so that the arrowes fly even faster then before on long range
- Increased Level_UP coeff for HP, Damage and Armor
- Increased Attackspeed (from 0.8 to 0.9)
- Changed arrows into fire arrows
Note: With FireBreath Spell he can damage buildings aswell.
- Casts spells faster now (Rolled back this option, since I changed Anubis into a new hero. Anubis was the only hero who could instatly cast the spells that Udzhargorus had)
- Fixed missing torch item (now he can destore buildings with torch like everyother hero)
- Decreased Max XP needed to Level_UP
- Increased Armor by 1
- Increased Level_UP coeff for HP, Damage and Armor
- Changed Weapon (Now he uses a Trident)
- Increased Trident Damage (77-123| ~100; the swing is 23)
- Reduced Health to 380
- Changed the bonus damage (Light = +75%; Medium = +65%; Heavy = +45%; Animal = +85%)
- Changed a few skills
- Added Dual-Wielding (Battle Claws)
- Fixed Startegic skill form building hp boost to unit
- MaxLvl Set to 7
- Decreased Battle Claws Attackspeed (From 2 to 0.8)
- Added Pet: Brutt the Bear
- Increased Battle Claws Damage

- Increased CriticalHit chance (from 7 to 15)
- Decreased CriticalHit factor (from 2.0 to 1.7/ +200% to +170% Damage.)
- Random Persian LowQuality model
- Added Extreme Damage Boost (when on lvl 5 he can top even 5000 dmg)
- Max HP set around 100
- Gave Bola weapon (range)
- No Skill nor Spell (For now)
- Added Immortality as strategic_skill (This skill boosts your regeneration speed and armor)
- Added Warriors Might as tactical_skill (This skill boosts armor aswell, but not only of ur hero. It boosts allies units/heroes in the tactical_skill radius)

- Added Healer Summoning as combat_skill (The hero summons a healer, who has 90 HP and can't attack. The healer sets up a little tent where he heals the hero and your allies)
- Added Dual-Wielding (Curved Sword aka Sabre)
- Increased Level_UP coeff for HP, Armor (Made a tenk out of him, the damage is low though)
- Decreased Level_UP coeff for Damage
- Reduce Health to 100
- Added Immortality as strategic_skill (With this skill Meritaton isn't immortal, it just boosts his regeneration speed)
- Added Warriors Might as tactical_skill (Meritaton geins armor with each skill level; 100%, 300%, 500%, 700%; Even though the numbers are too high here. In the actual game, they aren't really that high. Since Meritatons basic armor is 1)
- Added Healer Summoning as combat_skill (Meritaton summons a healer. the healer set's up a little tent while healing. While the healer is alive, Meritatons maximum HP drops. With each skill level, the maximum HP drops less.)

- Reduced tmt_gidarnus_obelisk (Obelisk made by Gidarnus) HP. From: 2166 to 256.
- Rolledback obelisk spell
- Added 'Extras' Button for a few more new options (Army Editor, Game Editor and etc.)
- Removed 'Credits' Button because 'Extras' already has Credits

- Added A Copy of 'Few Valiant Man' as a Special Thanks to a few alpha-testers
[Few Valiant Man]
- Added a 'path' to the enemy units that spawn on the left.
- Added a Saunctuary to boost the enemys in their spawn at the Indian Barracks. [I didn't only added it for the boost, but for the better atmosphere]
- Changed Fog Color and Water Color
- Removed The Bridge on mid [Bridges look cool, yet they glitch, So I removed it, and added normal landscape with some textures.]
- Added 4 Enemy Heroes [Now u fight againts heroes aswell. Note: The heroes have a simple AI, which means they'll just push like everyother unit. The AI script won't be edited untill future notice.]
- Edited Rajah's Guards Alert [The closer u are to the guards, the more likely will they attack u. Note: in the camping not only did rajah ignore u, so did the guards.]
- Added Creeps on hidden trigger places (I've added about 6 locations across the map. They won't attack u, unless u attack them.)
- Reduced Enemy and Ally Unit Count (Enemy Unit Count is 80, while the Ally Unit count is 42. Note: The Macedonians have a spawn rate at 30.0 sec rate, while Indians have a spawn rate at 60.0 sec rate)
[Special Map for Tarik 'Toka' Tokanovic]
- Added n_tarik unit
- Added sb_tarik bahevior [While the units spawn, the n_tarik is standing next to them and making them hyped :3]

The Update is released!

shArawOw Author
shArawOw - - 86 comments

The project is paused for a few days. I'm tryin to add 'TheGoldenHorde' to this game. What I mean by that is basicly to add the textures and that's it! Since I said about adding snow in this game and Sparta kinda has NON of the snow textures... well u know what I mean. Right now I have a lot of trouble getting the textures, since the decompiler that I have doesn't work with the demo version that I've found on the internet. Btw I'll try to make the demo version of 'TheGoldenHorde' a full version ;). And if u ask urself how to play online... I don't have an answer to that right now. I have so much problems with my modem that I can't even make a LAN game :D.

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