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We're now releasing early development builds. Read this article to learn more!!

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Dise here. I see the people like LaD, and some can't wait for the next version. Like, I read a comment saying: "I want 0.5!". Y'see, I love seeing your feedback. Even if it's negative. Which is why I'm releasing early dev builds of LaD, to see what you think. We are calling them DTBs. DTB stands for Debug Test Build. We would like you to try them, and send us your feedback so that we can improve and hope that the release build is best.

Version numbers

Kinda like MC snapshots, our version number will mean something. It will start with "DTB-" and then the number. The number starts with the version we're working on (e.g. 0.5) so it'll look like 05 and then which one DTB it is. So if it's the first one, it will be "DTB-05001". If it's the second one, it would be "DTB-05002" and so on.

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