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Although work is moving at a snails pace, they are in fact moving which is the main thing.

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Due to the ambitious nature of this project I have decided that I will work alone for now and build the environments at my own pace. I will be doing all the kismet/matinee stuff and getting the game worlds to as much of a completed state as I can so that a coder can jump in and get the gameplay stuff working.

So for now the way the project is working is.....

I am writing up the document and drawing up some basic concepts for things such as characters, enemies, weapons, items, environments. Once that is all out the way I wall begin blocking out the game worlds (all 6 zones) and get the level changing working. An audit of all models will be made grouping them in to categories such as Nature,Walls,Street furniture, Vehicles ect....
Once all the models are grouped and listed I will begin working my way through the list modelling the most reusable things 1st and the unique stuff last (each model will be unwrapped and textured as I go).

If by any chance people decide they would like to help then your more than welcome to pm me stating what you would be most interested in doing and I will get back to you asap.

Areas I would like help the most right now are...

Concept artist (Environment)
Concept artist (Character)
Story writer (To help me add some weight to the planned story sequences)

Although those are the main areas I would like help on RIGHT NOW, I would still like to hear from any 3d artists (character, enviro, vehicle, weapons), Animators, Coders, Project Managers/PR, Riggers, Sound designers, Texture artist, UDK Mapping/Kismet/scripting/shader gurus and just about anybody who thinks they can help.

So until next time thanks for reading.

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