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Unabashed Monty Python reference aside, we ARE still here, we ARE still working, and we plan to have something to show you in the relatively near future.

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Life has happened. For several of us on the team. We can't apologize for that. What we *can* apologize for is the lack of information or communication in the meantime.

While there has been little visible activity here over the past 18 months or so, things *have* been happening (however slowly) behind the scenes. Many of the core members of the team have remained in touch with each other, and one very significant member has returned after an extended hiatus.

We have had a very productive meeting, reorganized some things, and have a fairly specific game plan in place to pick up the pace a bit so we have a chance of releasing this mod before we're in our 80's. We plan to be able to give you the results of phase 1 of this plan in the moderately near future, so keep an eye out.

All the same, we do ask for some understanding. Creating this mod is a spare time hobby, and things like work, marriage, moving/relocating, changing schools, and all that other "real life" stuff still comes first. That said, we are most definitely dedicated to this mod. We have what I believe is a great story to tell, great gameplay ideas, and some awesome talent on the team (and we'll be looking to expand on that talent, also in the near future). This is a very grand-scale mod with a full-length campaign, and that's no small project for a spare time hobby.

I can't promise we're quite to the point where we're able to provide regular updates yet, but we are determined to see this mod through. We won't leave you hanging though, so stop by from time to time. We do expect to be making some more consistent progress from here on out.

Darth_Saber - - 917 comments

"Hope" was the last thing left in Pandora's Box, and so far I haven't heard anything about Laura Croft going back to retrieve it, so it looks as though no one has lost hope, yet. ;-)

Kidding aside, I have been tracking this mod almost since the first day it arrived on ModDB, and I am very pleased to see the willingness of you and your team to complete the project.

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Aldarith - - 77 comments

Are we still alive?

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SavvyZOR - - 5 comments

RIP mod

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