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it's been a while since the last update... sorry about it.

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sorry about the long wait for an update on how the mod is going. Black Ops is an addicting game :)
well heres the update: new things for V2 (the final release!!!)

  • New Building system (units go here, upgrades go there ect.)
  • Better Ship models for space (nicer higher-poly ones)
  • Turrets shoot everything---infantry, buildings, aircraft, vehicles (except anti-air)
  • Fixed Glitches (Gizor can't die)(Stormie-Clonetrooper Squad doesn't move) Please tell me any other glitches you can find also
  • History-accurate heros (no Luke, Ackbar, Kyle Katarn, or Mara Jade-they need replacements)

know that thats done i want to propose a fan competition:

ZOMBIE MAP(and normal maps) CONTEST!!!

screw that crap. i'll finish it my self
also in other news today begins my 1 year anniversary of modding :)

Fixeus_Jan - - 326 comments

What? Zombies?

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Gandbon - - 1,718 comments

Fixeus_jan. There are zombies in the 1st reless. Plus there is a zombie mod for FOC.

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