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All work we've done since the last newspost, including open beta announcement!

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We've had a quite busy time testing, producing and balancing World in Flames since last! We're very happy with the outcome we managed to handle and are even more happy to announce that a open public beta should be released within four weeks! Whether it yet will include the pacific theater or not we are not sure.

  • Added some new animations for the infantry models, including a "stand work" animation for the engineers. Engineers are based on the regular soldier model but has some attachments.

  • Added a "attack second" animation in which the soldier fires from a rifle, also for the engineer unit. Imported some nice custom sounds for rifles being fired.
  • Mines now have a more realistic drop animation, with dust coming up and a nice "thud" sound for when the mine lands on the ground. An animation in which the soldier drops the mine has also been added to go with this.
  • Added death anim for the Wespe.
  • Replaced old particles with the fancy starcraft explosion sprites for some more models.
  • Made an German Waffen-SS elite infantry unit limited to an amount of 30.

  • Remade the lost Bofors 37mm model for Finland.

Upkeep System:

Mechanical units now cost oil upkeep, which is withdrawn from your oil income every month. The idea is that vehicle upkeep will govern oil income while public unrest will govern tax income.

The upkeep cost for each individual unit is pretty small; between 2 and 12 oil depending on class. I tried to see how it would turn out in practice and made this observation:
24 light tanks, 12 medium tanks, 4 heavy tanks, 7 artilleries and 5 transports gave a total upkeep of about -300 (in perspective to USSR's starting oil income of 1050). For a nation with only one refinery though, this would make up most of his oil income until he gets rid of some units.

Note that upkeep also varies between countries contributing to their balance; Germany have prominently high upkeep while the US has the lowest. The tiger tank requires the most upkeep, while heavy tanks and artilleries are the second most demanding. Land transports have the lowest upkeep.

Asian terrain:

Japan has been finished and work in japanese-occupied areas in China are as well taking shape. Here's a screenshot of Japan including the new japanese buildings!

*Finished the VIIC Submarine! Currently in use by all nations.

First Battleship!

The IJN Kongō! As well used by all nations at the moment.

  • Battleships will be used in a similar fashion to how heavy tanks are used on land; they will cruise the oceans and pick off enemy cruisers with their massive arnament. They will also be the only ships with the ability to bombard land units.
  • Battleships are also used to take out shoreline fortifications, since they can fire safely from outside their range. They are countered by submarines or bombers.

Graphical transport system finished!

The Public Relations system!

Look it up on our website here!


Last but not least we've implemented the amazing plane system! Heres our three dive-bombers, the JU-87 "Stuka", Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik and SBD Douglas!

And our work-in-progress Heinkel He 111!

And as always, you can check the units tab on our website for the info of all the current units ingame!

A video of our newest features including public relations and the airplane system should be coming up in the following days, stay put!


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