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Details about Atajrubah Exiting Early Access on Steam.

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Wait...What ?!

Unfortunately its true.Before I continue with this announcement, myself and the team would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone. To all those who purchased access, all those who voiced their support on the discussion boards and even to those who had less than kind things to say.Thank You!


In the few months since launch we have encountered a number of technical and personal issues, that will affect the development of the game in a negative way. After much deliberation all team members involved have decided to step away from development. Its not unusual for team members to come and go in any project of course and thankfully there is no drama involved.As the only programmer on the team the pressure of development can be a bit much. Especially when being under the microscope that is Early Access. For both health and financial reasons I need to take a step back from development.

Continued Development and Refunds

Development of the game will not discontinue completely. However it will not be my primary focus and will receive updates when and where funds or time become available.I shall continue development on steam in private(with keys distributed to interested parties for free) and work toward a release after much redesign and much,much more development. I don't have a time-frame for that and it may be a long way off, which to me would not be something that I'd want to put paying customers through. This of course does not meet the commitments that are expected of early access. Myself and the other team members don't want to burn the wondeful folks that have purchased access to the game, I would also be loath to make money off of the assets created by my former team members in their abscence. I have several Early Access titles in my library and would be upset if that were to happen to me.
Arrangements have been made and I would encourage you fine folks to self issue a refund request,its pretty straight forward and if you're not aware of the process you can find instructions below.There are other games in Early Access in a much better position that could surely do with your support and where your hard earned money would be put to good use.
Refund InstructionsIn the Steam client, click Steam->Settings->View Account Details (or, in a web browser, go to ) Then find the product and click “request a refund.”


If you would like to continue to be part of the development process for Atajrubah and continue to help test the game. Please do drop me an email with a steam key request at, you can also stay up to date with developments by liking the facebook page

Steam keys are issued free of charge with the pro-viso that they are not sold on any platform.
Again I'd like to thank you all for your time and support. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this.

Best Regards and Much Love



Oh no :(
Please take a brake and return!!! don't give up on this!

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