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We have not gone we are still here , sadly no alpha was released but were hoping to improve the game for the new alpha date this month (TBD)

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Hello Everybody,
Were still here working on "Res somniare" and well we have updated many of the different aspects.

  • The house is being re modeled as a solid model to fix texture bugs and well to make it look better.
  • The asylum level has had models and scares added , a 2nd monster model is now being used and is being animated to look better than just running at you.
  • Voice acting is being re-recorded & new voice acting clips are being worked on too to give more life to the characters.
  • No changes have been made to the cut-scene so far as we dont have any audio or models to add.
  • Windows 7 32 bit has been made compatible
  • Mac support is also being optimized for the alpha release
  • Oculus rift support is a possibility for December 2013
  • An indiegogo campaign is planned but will not happen till after alpha.

So as you can see we have been busy and getting the game to have more game-play time and have it to be more scary. Were still working on game-play time though as still its not very long and even for someone to do a YouTube video on the game we would want there to be over 20 mins of game-play for the alpha (Over the 2 levels and 2 cut-scenes).

Your support is still welcome as always and any advice / help is Great.

We will do a Dev video and upload a whole new load of images soon but we dont want to reveal too much!

Thanks for your continued support
- SteamfireEntertainment

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