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After endless hours of development, painstaking dedication, and countless matches behind closed-doors, we are proud & pleased to announce that IOSoccer will be coming to Steam as an Early Access game! We have been out of the limelight for a number of years, and we are now extremely excited to share with you the latest incarnation of the game.

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We're back!

Just a little over fifteen years ago, the world (okay, the Half-Life community) was introduced to International Online Soccer, now IOSoccer, and started a legacy that has continued to this day. Throughout these years, the game has managed to sustain a community, almost unparalleled for a game of its size and lack of public presence. Whilst the original creator of the game, Mark Gornall, is no longer a presence, original members of the community from the past decade have taken up the mantle, and collaborated to produce a ground-up re-write and re-imagining of the game. A brand new code-base featuring all new & improved gameplay mechanics, shiny new assets, customization like never before, a community who are hungrier for competition than ever.. and we're just getting started.

How To Get Involved

Our Steam Early Access page is now available for you to add to your wish list, with the eventual Early Access version arriving in the coming weeks. Head on over and get ready!


The Future's Bright

This is of course an Early Access release, which means we think we've got something great, but it needs a little more time, and more help, to get it to where we think it needs to be. We want more game-integration with the community, more assets, more reach, and most importantly, we want you!


You want to known what's new, huh?

  • Unparalleled freedom in ball control and gameplay depth: The combination of a third-person camera together with mouse and keyboard input gives you full control over your dribbling, shooting, and passing.
  • Skill moves: Show your mastery of the game with bicycle kicks, diving headers, ball flicks, and precision dribbling.
  • Flexible team sizes: Whether you prefer 4v4 street games or our standard 8v8 matchups, we support everything from 1 to 11 players per side.
  • AI and human goalkeepers: You can let the server control the keeper or take its position yourself on the fly.
  • Public matches: Join and leave public servers with casual matches whenever you want to.
  • Competitive matches: Participate with your club, national team or mix team in leagues and cups organized by the community.
  • Dedicated servers: Use our official dedicated servers or host your own one.
  • Player customization: Set your shirt name, pick your shirt number and choose your ethnicity, hair style, shoes, keeper gloves, ball, and sleeve length.
  • Instant replays and highlights: Watch goals again from the TV camera's perspective right after they happened and use intermissions to catch up on chances you missed.
  • Goal celebrations: Choreograph your team's goal celebrations with various animations.
  • Warm up mode: Practice shots on your own goalkeeper during warm up before the match where every player has their own ball.
  • Custom assets: Make your own maps, team kits, balls, shoes, and keeper gloves.
  • 100% free: No microtransactions or any other hidden costs.
naryanrobinson - - 636 comments

If you ever change those animations I'll uninstall.

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Argoon - - 1,078 comments

This is what modding is about!!!! Take a FPS game and turn it into a totally different game. Like on the old days people would take Quake and make a race game or a space game or anything not resembling the original game.

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drvgbugz - - 276 comments

This is some hot ****, didn't know this existed until now.

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Lazarhead - - 92 comments

A soccer game without EA Games involved is a win.

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