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That's right, you've heard it. This mod is no longer on hold.

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All right, so I'll do my best to explain why we were so "quiet" for so much time.

As a matter of fact, there is only one group that ever made a complete modification of Neverwinter Nights with a Star Wars Roleplay setting, or in other words, a modification that added not only blasters, lightsabers and scenarios, but also space battles, rulebooks, classes, visual effects, audio effects, clothing pieces, animations and so much more.
And that team is the Dark time of The Galaxy Team. All credits for the content here go to them or to the also well known D20 Modern Team.

Well, with so much content, it is nearly unfeasible to recreate so much without months, maybe years, of preparation and THEN we would do our best to produce custom content. So, I entered in contact with their leader. We talked and agreed to have this content made available to my team under the condition that we credit his team. Well, such negotiations, that were thankfully non-aggressive, are over. Now, we will resume the progress of this mod.

If any of you ever desires to comment on our work, express a suggestion or become involved in this mod in any way, don't hesitate to contact me, Also_known_as_Peter.

I thank you all for your patience and expect more than just a few updates. Expect a technology demo very soon.

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Waiting for the demo and wondering how it'll work :) Yet also waiting for the answer on private ;)

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