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Hello everyone. My english has improved and we are back up and running. I still am using my desceased Cousins account since he is still the mods author. I have some good news and some bad news.

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Alright first the good news.
We have gained a good foothold on starting the mod back up again. We are going to update more often and have gotten some work done already on some new models and coding.
Now the bad news.
Since my Cousins old computer contained all the files on the mod I kept using it. I was however unaware of the computer virus which lay still dormant in it. So one day I find that it is deleting everything and then the security program goes into emergency mode and resets the system to factory default. So everything was gone anyways.
So we are starting from scratch meaning it will take even longer to get it released. He backed up some of the files on other computers but the full plan and all the codes, models, programs, info, files were on his computer.
We managed to save the stuff from the first era set of the mod.
Now the progress.
New Features:
Fighters and Bombers rescaled so they are no longer nearly as big as the ships.
Frigates, Corvettes, Battleships, and other large ships have been enlarged
Many new additions to make the gameplay similar to BattleFront and Battlefront 2
New unit control feature where player can take control of a single unit like as done in an online game.
Thats it for now since we are still restarting. See you all later.


What a blatant display of ignorance and adolescence.

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People, people please. No need to be mean. If one find the content to be unpleasing simply unfollow it instead of spreading hate.

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Glad to see the mod back on it's feet after so long!

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Oh come on. The dude is a liar and a fake. He uses pics of different sites and claims it as in game content.

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