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Burnout sucks. ive been working on this mod for over a year and ive only made like 4 levels. i need more experience before i can continue with this mod.

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Heya guys, been a while. this mod needs to go on a indefinite hiatus sadly. before i continue, i wanna make it CLEAR that this mod is NOT DEAD! i will release what ive currently made to the public (excluding my shitty maps) Just in case that i cant return to this mod. feel free to do whatever you like with what i release. I will continue goldsource modding on the other hand, but this mod is too ambitious for me to work on for the time being, and i will probaly make map packs and such to try and improve my skills before i restart work on this mod. i WILL finish this mod, even if it takes 12 years. But on a lighter note, i do have some stuff to show off.

Jeds Half Life Model Viewer v1 22

Im attempting to make the weapons low poly to fit in with Hl1, but i do think this AA-12 needs a rework.

Jeds Half Life Model Viewer v1 23

New weapon, the Rifle. (not implemented yet so what i release with this article will not contain this weapon) Thats it for now, I will see you guys again whenever i am ready.

Image 6

zastels - - 27 comments

Your stuff looks good man. I'm working on goldsrc stuff right now, I can show you a cool level if you want. Add Zastels on Steam.

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Bloodvayne - - 541 comments

Totally understandable bud. I have been on an extensive hiatus from modding aswell. For me it's finding a GldSrc programmer. Been trying for the past 3+ years, even have a semi-updated version on Steam (outside of code) in an attempt to spark interest and help. I have the source code and all assets readily available, it's even updated to the latest SDK and Linux builds by previous devs. But you lose the steam to further progress when you're held back by things out of your control. *sighs* Anyways. Keep it up, practice makes perfect! No matter how old this engine is, you can still implement things that makes people go "Wow, I didn't know this engine was capable of that!". But it's also the same engine that gives you headaches day in and day out trying to do said thing. :)

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DevinShadowV - - 532 comments

Dude take all the time you need.

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