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A bit about what I plan on for this little collection of mods. Also, the first Micro-Mod is released.

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Hi there, and welcome. This is my first post for this little collection of mods I've decided to simply dub "Yuki's Micro-Mods: Clear Sky".

As the name indicates, I intend for this to be a collection of various mod/tweaks which are fairly small in scope. Rather than going for an entire large-scale overhaul of the game, I'm going to give you access to the files needed to tweak that ONE little thing that's driving you nuts, or the one thing you wish could have been slightly different.

A good example is the first Micro-Mod I'm releasing, titled simply "Upgradeable AK-47". The name is pretty descriptive, but let me explain anyway just in case: in the course of the game you can get a quest to retrieve a "Trophy" AK-47/2. The weapon, once found, is a higher caliber version (precursor, actually) to the ubiquitous AK-74/2 found in the hands of stalkers throughout the game, but with higher accuracy and vastly higher damage. Unfortunately the weapon is non-upgradeable, leaving it unable to use a scope and with fairly high recoil, among other issues. That didn't seem right to me; point of fact, it seemed like a lost opportunity, so I changed that. The "Upgradeable AK-47" package allows you to fully upgrade the "Trophy" AK-47/2 using the same upgrade path as the AK-74/2 (except for the caliber change upgrade, which is unavailable).

I have a few other ideas for Micro-Mods which I plan to work on, but I'm sure more will come to me as I play through the game additional times and find something which makes me think. So far I can say for certain that I will be making a Micro-Mod to reintroduce the game's cut monsters/mutants (tentatively titled "Forgotten Fiends") with no other changes. I've had limited success thus far; primarily I'm having issues getting monsters to group together appropriately on respawn, rather than in a random grouping (e.g. two cats, a zombie and an Izlom, none of which fight each other).

Anyway, watch this space for more Micro-Mods. Happy Stalking!

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